Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Day is Fast Approaching.

Here are a few spots to get some delicious Thanksgiving Turkeys for your feast!

DiPaolo Turkey Farms sells certified organic free-range turkeys and you can find them at the Bourough Hall or Carroll Gardens Greenmarkets. They also donate Turkeys to needy families on Thanksgiving so they sound like a good local business to support. Priced at $3.39 per pound you can get pretty plump Turkeys (up to 29 pounds!).

Of course Fairway market in Red Hook also comes to mind. They have everything! As far as Turkey goes they offer Murray's all natural free-range,Grateful Harvest organic, as well as their own Fairway brand either fully seasoned and ready to stick in the oven or plain old do-it-yourself Turkey.

And here's one to remember for next year:

Stinky, at 261 Smith Street, had a sign outside that asks passersby to stop in and pre-order Turkey. They get their Turkey from a farm in Vermont. It's free-range and described by one Stinky employee as a "good bird". Unfortunately they went quickly.

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