Friday, April 30, 2010

Conover Cottages Q&A

We at Realty Collective have never sponsored a design competition before, so it's not surprising that we left out a few things in our initial rfp. Stephen Woolard of Albany, GA has agreed to allow us to reprint his thoughtful questions (as well as our answers). Feel free to submit your own questions in the comments below!

Q: I am contacting you regarding your Conover Cottage Design Competition for two of my Architectural Drafting students. Could you please give me some insight by answering the following questions?

Will two person teams be allowed? How is registration handled? How do we send in the projects? Will models be accepted? Thank you for your time.


Stephen Woolard, Instructor

Engineering Drawing & Design

Westover Comprehensive High School

2600 Partridge Dr

Albany, GA 31707

A: Dear Stephen,

Thanks so much for your interest - we look forward to your students' submission!

Two person teams will be allowed. The prize remains the same, regardless of how many people are involved in the design process.

In our rush to get the information out, we released the RFP without requiring registration. You can download it here:

I'd love to see a model, but we are not able to return it to you. Instead, I would recommend photographing the model and sending the images with your submission.

If your design is selected, a model would certainly help!

Please feel free to get in touch with any other questions you may have.



Q: After reading the how-to-enter page I’m still not sure how registration works. Do they need to send in paperwork? Or is their design submission their registration? Sorry about the confusion but we have only done one other design competition.

Thanks Again,

Stephen Woolard, Instructor

Engineering Drawing & Design

Westover Comprehensive High School

2600 Partridge Dr

Albany, GA 31707

A: There is no registration - the submission is the registration. We should have thought of this, but we didn’t.

Q: Thanks for the clarification. The website has been helpful with understanding the neighborhood but they need some insight. The site is 20x25. Does the structure consume the whole site? Is the back entry to a yard or ally? Down here in the deep south it is hard to imagine a house without a yard J. Or to understand typical housing in NYC.

Thanks again,

Stephen Woolard

A: The site is 20x50. The building footprint is 20x25. We need to work with the existing footprint. 

And it's far from typical!! Most of NYC is nothing like these houses. But it's true, most of our houses are attached to their neighbors, with access to the yard through the house. 

Q: Me Again! Today’s questions are:

Is the 21’ maximum bldg height apply to railings too or just structure? As it relates to the roof deck.

What are the existing ceiling hts? Placing 2.5 floors within 21’ is making ceilings under 8’.

To minimize bothering you with questions can you point me to the bldg codes for the area?

Stephen Woolard

A: You get 21' for the first two floors alone. The third floor can be higher but it has to be set back 10’ from the front face. Plan on 8’ ceiling heights on the third floor.

The zoning is r5 - here's a link:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clothesline Poles

I have recently moved to Carroll Gardens and absolutely LOVE it! I am especially intrigued with the clothesline poles in the backyard out of my rear windows. I don't have a clothesline attached to one of those poles so I can dry my laundry outside, but I am wondering how to get one. I did a little research on these poles and they represent Brooklyn history. Some people think they are eyesores. I think they are not only pieces of sculpture, but useful as well. I imagine how hard it was to dry the laundry in the dead of winter. Laundry day had to be planned on a sunny day. I love the creak of the rusty wheel when the laundry is brought in after it has dried. As I throw my clothes into the dryer at the laundromat I am thankful to have this modern convenience, but just a little envious of my neighbors who dry their clothes in the sun.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Roberta's Oven in a Box

Roberta's, located right off the Morgan Ave. L, is probably the best brick oven pizza around. i always wondered what those shipping containers were about out back. Thanks to this Brooklyn Based Article, Roberta’s Oven in a Box, now i know that besides housing a radio studio they are also home to greenhouses where the staff grows some of the food served in the restaurant and will soon be home to a custom built bread oven. this was one of the first great places to pop up in a previously almost desolate area and will hopefully keep getting better. If you decide to check it out i reccomend trying a calzone, but everything there is awesome!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time Machine comes to Clinton Hill as it serves as studio backlot

Today Clinton Ave. looks a little different, but not so different if you had lived in this neighborhood almost 100 years ago. The are several early era autos lining the streets as part of what I believe is the Martin Scorcese produced HBO series "Boardwalk Empire", a sort of 20's version of the Sopranos. Here are a few shots of these great old machines. Enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Calling all Non-Native New York Artist!

Hey everybody do you have any artist friends who didn't grow up in New York?  If you do then you should tell them about Non-Native New York, which is an Art show being put together to showcase Non-Native New York artists!  While I am not a visual artist, I am a transplant originally from  Houston.  This is such a refreshing thing to see.  The goal of this project is to shine a light on the artistic contributions made by those of us from other lands who came to the Big Apple to grow as artists.  I think this show will be a great one, as another of its' goals is to have art submitted that also reflects the artists' New York experience.  Another plus is that it is a showcase for Brooklyn artists only!  I love seeing projects like this!  Celebrate Brooklyn as well as where you came from-what a great idea!  I encourage anyone with Artist friends to check this thing out and have them submit work!  It will cost them nothing!

ARTup Spaces Wants to Bring Attention to Your Storefront! Call to Artists, Shopkeepers, Building Owners & Sponsors!

Whether your building is empty or occupied ARTup Spaces can make it pop-out!

We’re looking for common ground -- pop-up places where artists can convert underutilized spaces and storefront windows to showcase their contemporary works! Other pop-up possibilities are temporary places for art studios; theater, rehearsal spaces; space for a photo-shoot; a pop-up shop; a screening; an exhibition or a workshop!

While promoting a win-win building-owners provide a temporary stop-gap for artists while they, along with the neighborhood, see their empty or underutilized real estate put to good use. Artists and property owners are joining forces to come up with short-term pop-ups that create buzz, the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t facet adds an extra kick! ARTup Spaces can window-dress your place, bringing contemporary art to the windows of vacant storefronts -- visual-art installations or live-performance, bringing even more foot traffic to your block. Is your space zoned for live-work? ARTup Spaces can connect you with long-term tenants too.

Calling all artists, shop-keepers, building owners and sponsors -- want to connect? Contact here:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robots in Boerum Hill

Probably the best thing about being an agent is the people you meet. Today I met a guy that makes robots...on 3rd Ave! That's right our great South Brooklyn hood has smart guys making smart machines. Trying to tap into the 3d revolution (that I guess guys like me are into), MarkerBot makes robots that make things. Check them out and support our locals. I'm saving up for the Cupcake Deluxe.

Steak au Poivre

I love a good steak. I often seek out restaurants that have a good steak. I have eaten a lot of steak and know a good one when I taste one. One of the best steaks I have had in Carroll Gardens is at Quercy on Court St. between Baltic St. and Kane St. First of all it is a dry aged black angus steak. Then they must cook it at such a high temperature that the outside of it is so crispy and the inside is perfectly cooked, I enjoyed mine medium. The texture is so good and the au poivre sauce is rich and delicious. The steak stays perfectly crispy until the last bite even though it is covered in sauce. Served with a glass of red wine, it is perfection.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mother & Child

This is a beautiful photo I captured in the Fall of 2008. I was taking a photography class at Brooklyn College and my theme was Mother & Child. I walked down Court Street asking women with children if it was alright if I took photos of them. Most of them told me no. It was on Court Street at the corner of Dean in front of Starbucks that I asked this beautiful pregnant woman with her 2 year old daughter if I could take some photos of them. The lady was flattered and said yes, so I started clicking away. Unfortunately, I couldn't find enough women to take photos of so I had to change my theme to cats and dogs, which, might I add, I love as well.
The theme of Mother & Child has stuck in my mind ever since. I am taking an independent workstudy program at Brooklyn College this semester and decided I will continue with my Mother & Child project. But, it's different this time around. I would like to take photos of a mother and her child(ren), not only little children, a mother with her sons and/or daughters no matter the age, because as we all are aware no matter how old we are we are STILL our mother's child, LOL!
If anyone is interested in taking a part in this project you can contact me at (646).492.2219 or email me at
Thank you!

All the Best,


By the way the color photo is of my mom and I

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Cuban Rest. Sails Into Clinton HIll

Great news for food fans in Clinton Hill. A new little family owned Cuban place, Pilar, has opened up at 393 Classon (btwn. Clifton Pl and Greene Ave.). Pilar takes its name from the boat used by Ernest Hemingway during his years in Cuba- and of course features some photos of the aforementioned with some pretty impressively sized trophy fish. This is a great place for lunch (check out the classic Cuban sandwich) and dinner is served up with a different daily special each you have to keep coming back different days to try all the deliciousness. The restaurant is housed in a small storefront so don't expect too much fanfare, however prices are very reasonable making it well worth checking out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Be our neighbor! Amazing 1500 sf live/work rental w/garden

We don't usually hawk our listings on the blog, but this one is really special. We're showing it by appointment tomorrow from noon to 2pm. Stop by after the Realty Collective stoop sale!

Click this link for more info.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

$500 award for Red Hook design competition

See below for the competition specifics - the selected logo will be a huge part of Soler Pupusas display at their food stands in the Brooklyn Flea as well as their upcoming location at Central Park's Summerstage. All submissions must be received by April 15, 2010 and should be sent to For more information, contact Elizabeth Demetriou (718) 965-3100 Ext.104. Thanks. Andrew
Soler Pupusas of Red Hook are holding a design competition and are looking for Red Hook artists to portray a logo/emblem of their family business. The winner will receive a $500 award and a free pupusa lunch/dinner. The winning design will become the new official sign/logo representing Soler Pupusas of Red Hook and will be reflected in all signage and marketing materials.

Possible design elements should include:
·         A name, word, logo, or statement that appropriately reflects on and identifies Reina & Rafael Soler as part of the Red Hook Food Vendors, but also as independent business owners.
·         Design logo could be words, symbols, or a combination of both. If symbols are used, special attention will be given to those reflecting cultural connections between Reina & Rafael's heritage & the environment they operate in (Red Hook). A big plus will be given to any symbol reflecting the Mayan/Pipil influence on the traditional food served(pupusas).
·         Lively colors are always good. while not a determinant factor in selection, festive colors will attract our attention. Of course, if there is an elegant combination of darker\more traditional colors in design, then it will also make the cut.

Here's a little background form Reina & Rafael Soler:
·         Rafael Soler is from Dominican Republic & Reina Soler-Bermudez is from El Salvador. They are primarily best known for their pupusas & tamales (a traditional dish from El Salvador), and for their fusion of Dominican favorite street foods like fried plantain, sausages, steaks, rice, beans, and chimichurri (Dominican-style sandwich). Their most popular dish is the Red Hook Pupusa platter which includes pupusas, fried plantain, Salvadoran cream, & curtido(pickled cabbage) & tomato sauce
·         Rafael & Reina Soler also operate a satellite stand at the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene & 1 Hanson Pl. They will also soon open a concession stand at the famed Summer Stage concert theater in Central Park.
·         Rafael was the first RHFV to participate in the Vendy's in 2008. He is also one of the most successful vendors at the RHFV ballfields, and perhaps the most popular at the Brooklyn Flea
There's plenty on the internet about Rafael Soler. NYTimes called him "The Nobu of Red Hook" 
Reina & Rafael also appeared on the Martha Stewart Show live last November, preparing their  now famous pupusas .

I heart Art! opens tomorrow!

                           invites you to:

Saturday, April 17, 1PM–5PM 
WORK Gallery, 65 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11231
An exciting opportunity to purchase small works of art by over 100 emerging and midcareer artists for the affordable price of $60, along with a small selection of works up for silent auction.
Join us at the red tin shack on the scenic Red Hook Brooklyn waterfront for live music, art, cupcakes, and drinks.
Silent auction works can be previewed online at   
Silent Auction Artists Include:
Eric Ayotte, Trevor Babb, Jeff Barnett-Winsby, Caitlin Berrigan, Jonah Birns, Rafael Bogarin, Michelle Brody, Vince Ciniglio, John Delk, Adam Eckstrom, Hope Gangloff, Ghost of a Dream, Sarah Hardesty, Lisa Iglesias, Michelle Leftheris, Jane South, Gabriela Vainsencher, Sarah Walko, Brian Zegeer
Special appearance and bakesale by:

Small Works Artists Include: 
Aaron Graham, Adrienne Lopez, Aimee Hertog, Alex Passapera, Ali Aschman, Alic Trossman, Allison Kaufman, Amanda Wallace, Ana Catalina Rojas, Andrea Morganstern, Andrew Coates, Andrew Fish, Andrew Small, Andy Jackson, Antonio Serna, Aron Chang, Ben Brown, Bonnie Gloris, Brad Fesmire, Brece Honeycutt, Carissa Spatcher, Cassandra Jenkins, Cecilia Fletcher, Charlene Weisler, Charles Printz Kopelson, Christina Soriano, Christine Herman, Claudia Sbrissa, Clement Valla, Coco Papy, Colleen Sanders, Coralina Meyer, Craig Wickwire, Cynthia Hsieh, Dana Bunker, Daniel Ostrov, Danielle de Picciotto, Danny Balgley, David Graham, Deanna Lee, Deric Carner, Diane Schapira, Donna Faranda, Dutch Masterson, Elias Ragues, Elise Graham, Elise Blumberg, Elizabeth Corkery, Ember Soberman, Emile Dubuisson, Eva Dabara, Eva Nordus, Fabian Tabibian, Fonda Yoshimoto, Frank Ryan, Gary Duehr, Hannah Barnes, Henry Klimowicz, Ian Trask, Jamila Drott, Jeanne Brasile, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Jenny Zhang, Jenny Brown, Jeremy Couillard, Jess Levey, Ji Yoon Oh, Jin HA, Joe Goodwin, Joel Schapira, Joey Syta, Josh Kesner, Julia Hyde, Junpei Murao, Kara Rooney, Karen Culbreth, Karen Hesse Flatow, Karin Stothart, Kelly Goff, Kendall Glover, Kylin O'Brien, Lauren Rice, Lindsay Le Blanc, Lucia Cullinane Garcia, Madeleine Barnes Barnnes, Magda Gomez, Maggie Lee, Maki Kaoru, Mara Sprafkin, Marco Marco, Margaret Inga Wiatrowski, Mari Oshima, Mark Velasquez, Mary Lydecker, Matt Lucas, Matthew Wilson, Mattthew Cylinder, Maxim Ryazansky, Melanie Diaz, Melissa Barrett, Michael Gellatly, Michael Sarff, Michelle Bunnyphonic, Michelle Leftheris, Michelle Scourtos, Mike Glier, Nadine Donath, Nick Johnson, Nikki Romanello, Peggy Tan, Pia Howell, Rachel Schapira, Rick Caruso, Robert Covington, Robin Tewes, Rui Sasaki, Ryan Frank, Sarah Walko, Sasha Su Shaw, Sena Clara Creston, Shana Siegel, Sijia Chen, Siobhan McBride, Sophia Dawson, Stephanie Terelak, Talia Shulze, Tess Bricker, Toni-Lee Sangastiano, William Gabaldon, Yayoi Asoma, Zac Braun

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buttermilk Channel: true comfort food

The boys at immaculate infatuation have given high marks to local fave Buttermilk Channel, saying it exceeded their expectations. Take that, Tipsy Parson! Brooklyn wins again!

Tonight meet Brad Lander

Cobble Hill Association's
Community Roundtable Meeting
with City Councilman Brad Lander
7:30 PM on Wednesday, April 7th
at Christ Church 326 Clinton Street
(at the corner of Clinton and Kane Streets

Please join us for a "Community Roundtable" meeting with City Councilman Brad Lander. Hosted by the Cobble Hill Association, the community roundtable series is to provide an opportunity for you to meet directly with your elected officials. We are honored to have Councilman Lander as our guest. We hope that you will be able to attend!

This meeting is free of charge and is open to all members of the public.

About Brad Lander

Council Member Brad Lander has spent his career standing up for affordable, livable, and sustainable communities in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. As executive director of an award-winning community development organization and one of city's leading public policy advocates, Lander has created and preserved thousands of units of affordable housing, strengthened local small businesses, and helped thousands of low-income New Yorkers find living wage jobs.

Lander was elected to the New York City Council in November 2009. He represents the 39th district in Brooklyn, which includes the neighborhoods of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and Borough Park, and Kensington.

Prior to his election to the Council, Lander was the director of the Pratt Center for Community Development, where he worked with community leaders, city government and non-profit organizations to preserve and strengthen neighborhood quality-of-life, promote sustainability, and create opportunity in low-income neighborhoods.

At Pratt, Brad led successful campaigns to create NYC's "inclusionary zoning" program and to require developers seeking tax breaks to set aside 20% of their units for low- and moderate-income families and to pay their building service workers a living wage.  Together, these reforms will save the City hundreds of millions of dollars, generate over 20,000 units of affordable housing, and insure thousands of living wage jobs in the years to come.

Before joining Pratt, Lander served for a decade as executive director of the Fifth Avenue Committee, a nationally recognized, not-for-profit community-based organization in Brooklyn that develops affordable housing, creates economic opportunities, and organizes tenants and workers. Brad's work at FAC helped to preserve and renovate dozens of neighborhood buildings facing abandonment after the real estate recession of the early 1990s, create several new small businesses, pioneer a successful re-entry program for people returning to the community from prison, and mobilize thousands of residents to work together for a stronger community.

Lander also served as the Housing & Community Development chair of Brooklyn's Community Board 6, on the board of directors of the Jewish Funds for Justice and Grassroots Leadership, as policy co-chair of Housing First!, and on several panels advising the City of New York on public policy issues.  Lander's work has been recognized with awards from the Ford Foundation, Fannie Mae Foundation, Do Something, American Planning Association, the Prospect Park YMCA, and New York Magazine.

Councilmember Lander holds a Masters in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute, a Masters in Social Anthropology from University College London, and a Bachelors degree with honors from the University of Chicago. He teaches community planning, housing, and urban policy in Pratt's graduate city planning department.

Lander lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his wife, Meg Barnette, the Chief Operating Officer of the Brennan Center for Justice, and their children, Marek and Rosa, who attend Public School 107.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Tree Giveaway, Brooklyn waterfront planning & Red Hook clean-up

Red Hook Economic Development (RHED) would like to encourage individuals, families and community groups to take advantage of a free tree giveaway program. The donated trees, including flowering trees and larger shade trees, are available for planting on private property (ex. front/back yards, community gardens, etc).  The trees must be planted in the ground, rather than in a planter or a container, and unfortunately are not eligible for empty street tree pits.
The tree giveaway is on Sat/Sun April 17 & 18 from 10am - 3pm at Putnam Ave. & Fulton St. If there is sufficient demand RHED will explore renting a truck to pick up and deliver (though the individual property owner would also likely have to attend to verify where the tree would be planted). Keep in mind that home and property owners are limited to two trees each, the trees are distributed on a first-come first-served basis, and that trees weigh approximately 30 pounds and stand 7 – 8 feet tall ( ).
NYC's Dept of Transportation will be holding a series of community planning workshops for the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. The workshop for the Red Hook waterfront will be held on Tuesday April 13th from 6:30 -8:30pm at the Red Hook Recreation Center (155 Bay Street). The workshops will inform DOT’s master plan for constructing the greenway, so please mark your calendars and tell your neighbors.  RSVP to

RHED’s Streetscape & Maintenance Committee is also organizing a Spring community cleanup day. We will be working with Partnership for Parks and other community partners to beautify Red Hook’s street tree pits, sidewalks and other public spaces. 
The next meeting of the Committee is this Wednesday April 7th at 5:30pm at RHED’s office space (402 Van Brunt St ) to plan for the clean-up weekend.  Please let us know if you can make it.

We are also hear that Red Hook's own Fort Defiance won the "Best Home Away From Home" award at yesterday's Time Out New York Eat Out 2010 ceremony. Congratulations to St. John and his fine staff.

Feast- Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics

FEAST seal
Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics

Please share our RFP.  Applications deadline is April 10!
Request for Proposals

Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.  If you have questions, please email  We encourage applications from any genre.  Artists who submit proposals must be present at the April 24 FEAST.

Click here for proposal form

Thanks and see you soon!
Join Our Mailing List

Monday, April 5, 2010

No More Tapas...Just Clean Tops

I was sad to see that Red's Tapas, the cozy little place whose kitchen stayed up almost as late as my appetite, had to close. But I was also excitedly anticipating what new hot spot might fill in at 289 Columbia St! At least for now, I'm going to have to settle for having a dry cleaning option close to the office-- leases were signed last week, and the new biz is expected to open in 2 months.

From 'Who cares' to 'So what'. More Blah on Van Brunt Street

Did anyone ever shop at that place Luce on Van Brunt St when it was there? Chances are you didn't because it went out of business last month. "Well?" you ask, "whats going in there in its place? A nice new restaurant? Another wine shop? Maybe an art gallery with stupid stuff nobody wants?!" The answer: A contractor's office. Gee, thanks. Welcome to the neighborhood anyway I guess.

Ultimate Burgers and Dogs!

Ultimate Burgers and Dogs is located on DeGraw Street between Court St. and Clinton St. The place is small but very kid friendly. I took my two boys who are three and seven, one afternoon when I could not bear the thought of cooking. Plus, I am always in search of a good burger. I ordered hot dogs for the boys and a cheeseburger for myself, the guy taking my order talked me into the sauce for my burger. The boys loved their hot dogs, which were served with perfectly crunchy potato chips. To drink the boys had the fountain drinks, one had a fruit punch, which was refreshing, cold and not too sweet. The other had a grape flavor which I thought was not as good. There was also orange and lemonade which I will try next time. My burger was delicious, it had lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, really good sour pickles and some delicious special sauce. I also had the tater tots, which were crunchy on the outside and fluffy potato on the inside. There was also a spicy tri colored coleslaw, my boys did not like it, so I ended up eating their servings. Very good food, inexpensive and kid friendly.

Electronic recycling at PS 29! April 25th!

Electronic recycling at PS 29!

On April 25th, from 10:00am-4:00pm, the Lower East Side Ecology Center and the Cobble Hill Association are hosting an electronic recycling day at the PS 29 Schoolyard, on Baltic Street between Clinton and Henry Streets in Cobble Hill to responsibly recycle unwanted or broken electronics from New York City residents.
All you have to do is bring your e-waste to the collection event. A list of acceptable materials can be found below. They do not accept home appliances such as microwaves or refrigerators and cannot accept any electronics from businesses. Registration is not required for this event.

They accept the following working and non-working equipment:
* Computers (laptops & desktops, servers, mainframes)
* Monitors
* Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
* Network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.)
* Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, etc.)
* Components (hard drives, CD-ROMs, circuit boards, power supplies, etc.)
* TVs, VCRs, & DVD Players
* Audio-visual equipment
* Cell phones, pagers, PDAs
* Telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Input is Needed for CB6 Bike Survey!

The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway is Coming! 
Your Input is Needed for CB6 Bike Survey!

The article below is from the April 2010 issue of The Sixth Sense, the monthly newsletter of Brooklyn Community Board 6, serving the neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens/South Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Columbia Street Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope and Red Hook.
Making Bicycling Safer, Easier and More Pleasant
In June 2009, the Department of Transportation completed the City's ambitious goal of building 200 bike-lane miles in all 5 boroughs in just three years, nearly doubling the city-wide on-street bike network while reshaping the city's streets to make them safer for everyone who uses them. The same period also saw unprecedented expansion and innovation of the overall network, including the installation of 4.9 miles of bike paths physically separated from car traffic lanes, 20 sheltered bike parking structures and 3,100 bike racks, accompanied by a more than 45% growth in commuter cycling in that time.
What didn't make headlines at least not until now is that Brooklyn CB6 is leading the way with roughly 12 of those new bike-lane miles toward the City's 200 miles added right here in our district. Just recently, the department announced a plan to add yet another 1.7 bike-lane miles on Smith and Hoyt Streets, and dozens of new bicycle rack installations coming to the district. And we can do even better!
We have set up a short, online survey that will help us continue to plan and advocate for safer, easier and more pleasant bicycling within and through our district. Results will be reported back to the CB6 Transportation committee, and in a future newsletter issue. Won't you please take 5 minutes to share your opinions with us?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fultummy's Soft Opening Last Night!!!!

Coffee and tea for $1 and served with a free treat!!! Absolutely Fabulous!

Beer Garden should come to Carroll Gardens!

Am I the only person that would love to see a Beer Garden in Red Hook or Carroll Gardens West?  I doubt it!  Seriously, I can't think of a better place in Brooklyn to have one.  If you haven't been to the Beer Garden in Astoria Queens you have got to check it out!  It's like Oktoberfest every day!!!  Imagine an open-air spot on Columbia filled with long picnic benches and an outdoor grill complete with copious amounts of Suds and Food!  Dare I dream?  Just think of how nice it would be on a Summer night to get all of your friends together for some live music, bar b q and night air.  From a business standpoint I honestly believe it could be quite a lucrative venture for the right group of folks.  If I had the money I would have already done it so if anyone knows any people that share my dream then let me know because I am FULL of internal organs and great ideas!  There is an abundance of lots in Red Hook and Carroll Gardens West that would be perfect for such an undertaking.  So, let's make it happen because it's quite a hike to Queens!!!