Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Observer hails the Queen of Red Hook - or was that Rockaway Park?

I wasn't going to say anything. Honestly. But we were chatting with Gino Vitale in front of his carriage houses the other day about the Observer's article about erstwhile Red Hook resident Rachel Shapiro, and he said, "but she doesn't even live here." Really? Well, at least she puts her residency in the past tense:
There are other brokers in Red Hook, of course—Elliman, Corcoran and a number of other big players based in Manhattan manage sales in the area, and a number of nearby independents, particularly in Carroll Gardens, work with landlords. But, as Ms. Shapiro puts it, “I’m the only one who’s lived here. … You don’t understand the community until you’ve lived here. And,” she adds, “I’m young. I’m the demographic.”

Writer Sadie Stein refers to Ms. Shapiro as "an oft-quoted expert on all things Red Hook real estate," offering as proof a link to the infamous NYMag takedown of the neighborhood (sample quote: "I’m not in a position to turn down a listing. It just means I have people standing in front of my window saying that prices are absurd"). Not sure that her unique willingness to be manipulated by the media qualifies her as an expert, really. 

Or not so unique. She's not the only heavy hitting blurbmeister in the Sadie Stein universe. The Red Hook article also quotes (but does not identify) one Bevin Strand. Not sure who Bevin Strand is? Why, she's the 23-year-old plaster cast maker for The Museum of Natural History who contributed the lede for this vintage Observer story

I know it's just a little throwaway article, and maybe it's too much to ask that a Jezebel blogger be expected to behave like a journalist. But I am a real estate agent, and I live in Red Hook. So is Betancourt's Maria Mackin, who is perhaps our most famous real estate agent/resident/chicken farmer. We're not hiding in the shadows. So rather than take Ms. Shapiro's word for it, why not spend five minutes on the internets to check her assertion. Maybe this is why the paper refers to itself as the Observer and not the Reporter

Look what's popping up in Bushwick!


my name is Tania. I am a new agent working with Victoria "the rockstar broker", at Realty Collective. I deal with apartment rentals in the Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint areas of Brooklyn. I am a native Williamsburger (is that what we're called?) and I live in Bushwick.

Some people give me grief about where I live because of its riotous history, but I LOVE IT and this is why:

2) adorable community gardens where you would least expect them
3) graffiti murals that speak of its streets the way the way Georgia O'Keeffe did of nature
4) its laid back community of extremist-creatives and cool people who can still appreciate a little old-fashioned New York City grit (and like it that way!)
5) it's kinda like Venice,CA, but without the beach and minus people saying "duuuuuude".
6) most restaurants deliver beer

and not only that! Over the past 2 years, I've seen business and restaurants popping up like happy daisies in places where once none would ever dare travel. Just this past year, Beauty Bar opened up another location just around the corner from me! It's lovely inside and the music is slammin'. Imagine that... Beauty Bar in Bushwick. It's there to greet you right when you get off the JMZ Myrtle train.

I just got back from the Northwest U.S. where I got really spoiled by the readily available amazingness of their coffee everywhere, namely Stumptown. Nevermind espresso, I'm talkin" drip. Anyway, I get back to find that Cafe Orwell, the cute little cafe that opened up around the corner on 247 Varet St (between White St & Bogart St), is serving it! They also feature live music and have kicked off an indie concert series, rightfully dubbed "Bush Folk".

Just sayin'... I love being part of Bushwick's real-life renaissance. There will be a lot more to post soon since empty commercial property here is being snatched up quickly and transformed into tasteful and trendy places to shop, chill, and dine. Welcome to my homeland :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fort Defiance- Ban Mih Sandwhich

Finally made it out to Fort Defiance this weekend after spending the afternoon at the Red Hook pool.
What a great little space!,with a limited menu.
There were 4 or 5 options for food and none of them were brunch-esque.
I had the most amazing Ban Mih sandwich- extra spicy!
The cucumber gave it that crunch and the spice really brought the flavors of the pork pate' out.
It was so large I had to save the 2nd half for dinner. the juices and spices all had soaked into the bread by this time but it made it even better.
They also had a yellow plum salad, and Italian tuna and a mufeletta on the menu.
I cant wait to go back!