Friday, September 28, 2012

Adopt a Grandparent.

Okay, so this carnival was actually last week.  We wish we had seen the above flyer in time to share it with you before the event it's advertising but there is still important information to report.  Yes, you missed the rides, ponies, cotton candy and popcorn but is that what this carnival was all about? Cobble Hill Health Center wanted to introduce you to the seniors in the Adopt-a-Grandparent program.  The carnival was a success and they got lots of volunteers (see pics here) but they may need more either now or in the future so please keep this program in mind if you're interested in volunteering in the community.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let's Pretend it's Still Summer

Okay, so technically it's fall.  We've already started to feel the chill in the air, kids have been back in school for weeks now, and restaurants are starting to carry those autumn seasonal ales.  But there are a couple of things we can do to hold on to the past summer just one weekend longer.  If you have kids and want to stay local, Carroll Park is having it's last summer series children's concert from 2-5 on Saturday the 29th.  It's pretty fun and the kids really enjoy it.  We suggest taking advantage of one of our favorite summer spots.  Governors Island!  It's the last weekend until next spring that the island will be open to the public so head down to Pier 6 Brooklyn Bridge Park and catch that free ferry!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Park Updates!

The latest we've heard from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is that construction on Pier 2 and 3 is moving forward! The pic above is of the future Pier 3.  Don't get too excited though.  We will have a long wait until those parks are finished.  Construction is expected to extend until Fall 2013.  Something you can expect right now is that the temporary greenway walking and bike path has moved course to accommodate these plans.  It "has shifted east directly adjacent to Furman Street. The new alignment begins just north of Pier 2 and continues south to Montague Street, where it connects with the existing path".  In case you can't remember that, there are also signs at both ends to instruct pedestrians and bikers of the changes.  At least when you see the signs it will remind you that new parks are coming at some point!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BBQ the new burger?

About a year or so ago there were burger joints springing up everywhere.  Although, half of them are gone now, there seemed to be a big trend in the neighborhood involving this American classic.  We blogged about the possibility that seafood was the new big trend.  Kittery on Smith and Brooklyn Crab are merely a couple of the "crab shack" inspired restaurants opening or recently opened in the borough.  Well, we have a runner up.  It's BBQ!  Fort Reno leads the pack as others, such as Fletcher's Brooklyn BBQ and Dinosaur will follow.  The newest we discovered is coming to 445 Van Brunt and Beard.  Not sure of the name yet, we just know it's a barbecue bar and restaurant.  The chance all of them will last doesn't seem likely but for now...bring on the smoked meats and sticky sauces!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Barclays Center opening soon.

                                                               PHOTO CREDIT: DNAinfo/Leslie Albrecht
The home of the Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center, will be opening it's doors on September 28th for a sold out Jay-Z concert.  It's been the subject of many heated debates and protests but like it or's happening.  One good thing we read about the arena was in the New York Times last week about the local food that's being offered.

Instead of peanut M&Ms, think Tumbador’s PB&J chocolate bar, handmade in Sunset Park. Instead of Häagen-Dazs, think Blue Marble ice cream. Instead of Tostitos, think Baked in Brooklyn Flatbread Crisps. This is the new Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets with food about as local as stadium fare gets.

That's a definite upside.  Now bring on the affordable housing that was promised.  To read more check out this article in DNAinfo.

Friday, September 21, 2012

DUMBO Arts Fest!

The annual DUMBO Arts Festival is coming soon.  Three days, from September 28th-30th.  This event has always been a unique and engaging experience and we highly recommended checking it out if you've never been.  And revisiting if you have!  It covers several blocks of the neighborhood and celebrates art, music and performance.  Rain or shine it's pretty awesome because they have both indoor and outdoor spectacles.  Oh and you should definitely hit some snacks while your there.  Jacques Torres ice cream cookie sandwich anyone?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New restaurants coming soon!

The NY Times recently put out a fall preview for restaurants coming to different areas.  You can check out their list below.  We've blogged about a few ourselves.  Red Gravy was on their list but since we've already written about it we left it out. Check out Nightingale 9! (Pic above taken from their facebook) There's been a big buzz around this restaurant, which shares owners with neighborhood favorite Seersucker!

FLETCHER’S BROOKLYN BARBECUE Matt Fisher, known in barbecue and chile cook-off circles, will be the pitmaster, and Bill Fletcher, who had a Brooklyn advertising and design agency, will run the show. (Late September): 433 Third Avenue (Seventh Street), Gowanus. 

GANSO Ramen is the name of the game for Harris Salat, who met the chef Ryuji Irie at Matsuri when he was writing cookbooks with the former Matsuri chef Tadashi Ono. The two go beyond a ramen repertory with Japanese fried chicken, steamed short-rib buns and shrimp tempura by way of Buffalo, with a blue cheese sauce. The setting, with a counter and booths, is done in pale woods. (Sept. 17): 25 Bond Street (Livingston Street), Downtown Brooklyn, (718) 403-0900.
NIGHTINGALE 9 Robert Newton of Seersucker and Smith Canteen has been nurturing a passion for Vietnamese food and recently ate his way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City to try his hand at the cuisine. (December): 345 Smith Street (Carroll Street), Carroll Gardens.

RUNNER & STONE A brick-and-mortar (or flour-sack-and-concrete) bakery and restaurant on three levels with two kitchens — one for baking, one for cooking — is the work of two men who have been popular vendors in the flea markets: Peter Endriss, who baked at Per Se and Bouchon Bakery, and Chris Pizzulli, who was at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Park Slope. There will be a full dinner menu in the evening. (Late September): 285 Third Avenue (Carroll Street), Gowanus.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Business Plan Basics.

                                                          photographer Joanna Ebenstein
If you or someone you know is expanding or starting a small business, you may want to learn about this free workshop put on by the Carroll Gardens Association Inc.  They have something called "The Entrepreneur Assistance Program", which "offers resources to small businesses through workshops and one-on-one counseling with those who wish to start a business or those who wish to expand an existing business".  This is really such a wonderful resource that should be taken advantage of.   We found the above pic from a blog about kids with lemonade stands and thought it was cute and apropos.  More info about the event is below. 

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, 2012, from
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at the CGA Training Center, located at 201 Columbia
Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

The workshop will discuss how to determine the right business
for you, ideas on how to turn your hobby into
a business, how to have an advantage over similar businesses, what
documents to include in a Business Plan and how to use a Business Plan.
There will be a question and answer portion during the workshop.
Refreshments will be served during the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted by Joseph Pellegrino, Assistant Vice
President and Small Business Relationship Manager at TD Bank.
Mr.Pellegrino has owned and managed an independent retail chain for 25
Years prior to working with TD Bank. We encourage everyone to
pre-register. The Registration Form for the Business Plan Basics workshop
is attached to the Business Plan Workshop Flyer. You could register by
calling us at (718)243-9301, by sending a fax to (718) 243-9304, or
sending an email to

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take Root Open Today.

We blogged about Take Root, a new space at 187 Sackett Street, a while back and we're back with some updates.  One big update is that it opens today!  In case you didn't read that last blog, the space is a little complicated.  A cafe/yoga studio/5 course tasting 10 seat restaurant all sharing one space.  The cafe is open today and Thursday between 11am and 4pm.  A very short menu of only 6 items.  A couple of things as an example are the cannelinni beans with marinated mushrooms and garlic chips and the smoked acorn squash and yogurt soup.  Yum!  A yoga class is also on the schedule for today.  Community Class Slow Flow from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  It's definitely an interesting idea and we can't wait to try it out!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bar Bruno Expanding Outdoors.

There's a new sign outside of Bar Bruno, which is on the corner of Henry and Union Streets.  It says "sidewalk seating coming soon!".  They don't have too much longer to take advantage of the weather.  People do love their al fresco dining and it could really boost business.  The corner they're located on is especially pretty.  They never seem that crowded which is surprising because the food is yummy.  Maybe a little on the pricey end for sandwiches and stuff but delicious none the less.  Hopefully the outdoor seating will pack the joint...or at least outside of the joint.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Brooklyn Farmacy Events!

Brooklyn Farmacy has events all the time.  Some are private, like one party for google that we blogged about, but most are public.  There are a couple going on this weekend.  You can read about them below.  We love this place and are so happy that it's not just a shop in our hood but a place that cooperates with other local artisans and artists and shares their work with the community. 

Saturday, September 15, 11-1PM
Pick up a signed copy of “B IS FOR BROOKLYN” a delightful story book that takes you through the ABC’s of Brooklyn. (psst.... Can you guess what the letter E stands for?) Buy a book and get a free egg cream!
Also on Saturday, September 15, 4-6 PM
RED HOOK HONEY tasting with local bee keeper Yeshwant Chitalkar
Sample some mighty fine LOCAL HONEY straight from REDHOOK.
Apples will be on hand for dipping, and jars will be available for purchase.
Happy New Year — May it be a sweet one!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aikido coming soon.

It's amazing how much Columbia Street is growing and changing.  Every time we walk down this stretch there is a new place opening up.  Coming soon to 205 Columbia is Aikido of South Brooklyn.  It's a martial arts studio for ages youth to adult and all different levels.  A vintage store used to occupy this space.  The new studio, which is moving from DUMBO, will open up by October 1st.  For more info you can check out their website.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chio on Columbia.

117 Columbia, formerly Casa Di Campagna, has a new tenant.  Also an Italian restaurant, Chio focuses more on Mediterranean fare.  We'd passed by several times and weren't sure what was going to open in that spot.  The picture above is from a week or so before the opened.  The menu is fresh and dynamic.  In our own Mary Gaglio's words, who was one of the first to try it, "it's so delicious, everything we had was great".  And with nothing over $20, it's pretty moderately priced.  Anyone else had a chance to try it?  Tell us what you think!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kittery on Smith.

It seems that when a good idea blooms in the area many more follow.  Burgers and ice cream have been the latest trends with several places opening up around the same time throughout the hood.  Some were just okay but others were really good.  We like this latest trend the best.  Seafood!!!!  It all began with Red Hook Lobster Pound, still a favorite spot, and Littleneck, Brooklyn Crab followed.  Next is Kittery.  Taking the spot of the short-lived Diego at 305 Smith Street this new restaurant is still in the process of renovations, the outside has been redone, as you can see in these photos.  Seafood shacks?  Keep them coming!

Monday, September 10, 2012

TimeOut NY's Fall Forward.

Two Atlantic Avenue restaurants coming to the neighborhood soon, Red Gravy in late October and Krescendo in a couple of weeks, were recently featured in TimeOut New York's "Where you'll be eating this fall".  Both are Italian restaurants but pretty different from each other.  Red Gravy is a Southern Italian-style trattoria with "homemade pasta and whole butchered animals" and Krescendo is an import from the west coast with a spotlight on pizzas.  More and more we seeing restaurants and upcoming restaurants in our hood in TimeOut.  There's a foodie revolution and we're living in the heart of it!

Friday, September 7, 2012


- Gut Renovated-Brownstone Now Four 2-Bedroom/2-Bath Homes –


NEW YORK – September 7, 2012 – Realty Collective introduced 118 President Street to the market today, giving only four buyers the opportunity to own a luxury, gut-renovated two-bedroom/two-bathroom condo unit in a classic Carroll Gardens’ Columbia Waterfront district brownstone.


The residences are the perfect blend of classic and modern, with high ceilings, open kitchens, exposed brick, washer/dryer, dishwasher and central air/heat. Each of the four units has private outdoor space and a separate storage unit in the basement. 


Situated on a tree-lined street, 118 President Street’s gut renovation was completed as the summer concluded, while one unit was staged Realty Collective, which chose to fulfill the team’s design aesthetic vision for the units with pieces by Red Hook-based Pickett Furniture,, including the designer’s BRANN Tripod Floor Lamp, OND Bench, DJEVEL Dresser, FORBANNELSE Chair, TRYLLE Side Table and HELVETE Table, all of which are available separately for sale. Realty Collective chose art for the staged unit from works by local Brooklyn photographer Carolina Salguero,, including her own large-format photography and artifacts from cultural non-profit PortSide NewYork, based on oil tanker Mary A. Whalen in Red Hook.


“Working with a Brooklyn artist, furniture designer and cultural non-profit fits squarely in Realty Collective’s mission to represent not only buyers, sellers and renters, but also the local community of businesses and individuals that make the neighborhoods of Brooklyn the cultural mecca that we seek to form our home and workplace,” said Victoria Hagman, President, Realty Collective.


Realty Collective chose to work with Pickett Furniture both for the designer’s Red Hook address, but more importantly for how the design aesthetic aligned with how they envisioned life could unfold in the new residences. “We are excited to include Pickett Furniture’s work in the model apartment. Jeremy Pickett's designs are a perfect match for the 118 President aesthetic: modern and clean, but with a bold elemental quality. We love the way these solid wood pieces work with the exposed brick, oak floors, and fireplaces,” says Tina Fallon, a Realty Collective agent representing the 118 President units.


“Throughout our planning with the developers we have focused on what people buyers love about Brooklyn. These condos have it all: high ceilings, spacious rooms, fireplaces, outdoor space - all in a classic townhouse on a quiet, tree-lined block. Of course they have the requisite two bedroom/two bath/laundry room as well, while feeling unique. It's the details that count here: custom white kitchens with Liebherr refrigerators and Bertazzoni ranges, clever storage and large closets, a private storage space in the basement for each unit,” adds Fallon.


The 100-year brownstone was gut renovated in 2012 into the four 2BR/2BTH condos of more than 1,000 square feet each, with working fireplaces, over sized kitchens with white Caesarstone counter tops and under counter lighting, and priced between $799,000 and $1,295,000. For further information:


About Realty Collective

Brooklyn-based real estate brokerage Realty Collective,, was founded in 2005 by agents who believed that dedicated professionals can have a creative life outside of their residential and commercial real estate careers, and that brokers with this kind of connection to their own creativity can, in turn, better serve their clientele. Like many Brooklynites, Realty Collective's agents are also sculptors, dancers, producers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and writers.


In an increasingly automated world, the Realty Collective team maintains a hands-on approach, creating a personalized experience for each client. As a result, many of the Realty Collective clients are repeat customers, or arrive through referrals. Realty Collective partners with Brooklyn-based agencies and charities, to help build a better Brooklyn, for all.


Columbia Street Festival.

The 4th Annual Columbia Street Waterfront District Fall Festival is tomorrow from 12pm until 6pm.  It's right outside of our door on Columbia from Degraw to Union.  Carroll Gardens Association is presenting this (see pictures above from a previous year) along with The Columbia Waterfront District Merchants Association.  Come on by and you can enjoy food, live music, shopping and even rides!  Definitely great for kids. It's also good for local small businesses so come show your support and have fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Google at Farmacy.

Google had a private party last night at Brooklyn Farmacy.  People were enjoying ice cream floats and taking pics.  As many may know, last year Google bought out Zagat and launched Google Plus Local in May.  Google Plus Local not only shows Zagat scores, it also utilizes social media and allows you to read and write reviews that your friends can see.  They've been putting on these events and encouraging guests to blog, tweet, and review different restaurants and bars.  I think we've blogged about Farmacy before.  They were awesome then and they are still awesome.  The atmosphere, the people and the sweets are wonderful!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sushi coming to Montague..slowly but surely.

Oh My Pasta at 142 Montague closed over three months ago and Ani Sushi fairly quickly put up a sign announcing that they will be coming soon to that spot.  Not soon enough.  The place is still not open.  With other places to get sushi in the neighborhood residents can wait.  We're just hoping it's yummy.  We must admit most restaurants on Montague aren't really.  It's a bustling street.  We wish it was full of places to choose from but it's really hit or miss.  What are your favorite places on Montague, if any?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trader Joe's New Look.

The Trader Joe's on Atlantic and Court has always had one big flaw.  Lines!!! The line was always so long at any given point and the main problem with it was that it made it really hard to look down the last aisle, with the cereal and snacks.  The two line set up was spilling into that aisle making it possible for only one cart at a time to walk through.  They have solved that problem!  They now have a 3 line set up and have added registers and the last aisle is wider and has a divider.  We went on a weekend and as packed as the store was the lines moved quickly.  Good solution.  If the waiting has kept you away from TJ's you should give it another shot. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Diner on Columbia Waterfront!

We're very excited about this new place on Columbia Street right across the street from our office!  Water's Edge Diner has been in the works for a while.  They had a lot of work to do on the interior and they've completed, have opened their doors (pic above) and are bringing light to Columbia Street (pic below)!  It's always good to have a neighborhood diner and this area hasn't had one for a long time.  It's the ultimate comfort food for New Yorkers.  We think they'll do well.