Monday, January 31, 2011

Film Shoot on Court Today

Something, not sure exactly what yet, will be filming on Court Street and Warren today. The project name says it's O Positive and although we couldn't find any information about a project with that name, we did find a production company with that name. It looks like they do a lot of commercials and some indie films. The most recent commercial we noticed they've done was for Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. It portrays sharks in a focus group talking about the different flavored humans they've tried. Pretty funny. You can watch it here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brooklyn Israel Film Festival

Season 2 of "Srugim", a popular Israeli TV series, followed by an opening snack and wine reception, will kick off the Brooklyn Israel Film Festival tonight at the Kane Street Synagogue. The Synagogue has been hosting the festival since 2004 and has attracted a lot of attention from both the media and film lovers alike.

"Srugim" "depicts the lives and loves of a group of modern Orthodox Jewish singles living in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood, as they navigate the frequently contradictory worlds of contemporary Israel and traditional observance.", according to the synopsis on A coming-of-age story, as well as an award winning film, "The Matchmaker", will be screening Saturday night and you can see award winning documentary "Blood Relation" on Sunday. For more info on these movie and how to buy tickets go to

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Hook Winery Release Party! Saturday January 29th!

January 24, 2011
Brooklyn Wine Exchange

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Red Hook Winery Release Party!

Saturday 1/29

Have you always wanted to taste the Red Hook Winery wines, but haven't had the opportunity? Well, now is your chance! On Saturday afternoon, we will host the Red Hook Winery release party in our Learning Center. Join owner Mark Snyder for a special sneak-peak of all of the goods our local Brooklyn winery has to offer.

We are taking reservations for two time slots - 4-5pm and 5-6pm. Give us a call to reserve your spot, as spaces are extremely limited and both time slots are filling up quickly. Sign-up is open to both members and non-members for this special event.

We hope to see you here for an afternoon of great local wine!

Wine of the Week:
The Beautiful Wines of Copain Cellars
Copain Wine Cellars is perched on a hill overlooking the serenely beautiful Russian River Valley. Because they believe that wine should be a tangible reflection of where it comes from, they select their vineyards with great care and deliberation, and make wines that have a true sense of place.

Winemaker Wells Guthrie discovered early on that his taste in wine gravitated toward Europe in general and France's Rhone Valley in particular. So much so, that he picked up and moved to the region to learn from the best. For two years, Wells was deeply inspired by the traditions and practices of French winemaking. At Copain, he creates wines that are firmly rooted in California, yet with the sensibilities of the European wines that so moved him. 

The wines of the week are three of our favorites from the Copain Wine Cellars collection.

Wines of the Week
Pinot Noir "Tous Ensemble,"
Copain 2007 -$35
This wine displays sour cherry, black tea and subtle spice aromas on the nose and a palate with bright acidity, smooth and talc-like tannins with a very long and lingering finish.

Pinot Noir "Les Voisins,"
Copain 2009 -$52
Exhibiting the depth and complexity of the 'Deep End' of the Anderson Valley, this blend of three neighboring Pinot Noir vineyards sings with bright acidity, light floral aromatics and sumptuous red fruits.

Syrah "Les Voisins,"
Copain 2009 -$48
A blend of three exceptional vineyards situated on the same slope of rocky terrain, this Syrah has a mix of floral notes, graphite, spice, and pure black fruits.

Carroll Gardens Eyesore Coming Down

A giant steel addition on top of 333 Carroll Street may be coming down. Pardon me for asking, a great neighborhood blog, found that the NYC Department of Buildings issued a permit "TO REMOVE EXISTING STRUCTURE AT 4TH, 4TH MEZZ., 5TH, 5TH MEZZ." Residents of the area have been perturbed by this eyesore since it went up. Their complaints and persistence was precisely the reason the DOB finally found inconsistencies in the buildings planning, slowing down the plans for the building and allowing them to team up with the Department of City Planning and down zone Carroll Gardens. To read more you can go to

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sign of the Times – The Clock on Columbia

Sign of the Times – The Clock on Columbia

Carroll Gardens local Frank Manzione sets out to restore a neighborhood icon.
They say history repeats itself, and if any neighborhood can attest to this, it's Carroll Gardens. Once a thriving locale that fell into disrepair around mid-century, Carroll Gardens is back in full swing and is, some will say, better than ever.
Real estate broker Frank Manzione witnessed all the ups and downs and is now on a mission to restore a long lost piece of Carroll Gardens' turbulent, exciting history – a decorative clock that once stood proudly on Columbia Street, near the corner of Union.
Probably erected at the turn of the century, but possibly as late as the 1920's, and perhaps made of brass but whose material composition is ultimately a mystery, the recreation will be, in Manzione's mind, the perfect symbol of the Columbia Waterfront District's "resurrection."
Prior to the construction of the BQE in the 1960's, Columbia Street boasted a rich collection of businesses, merchants and banks, including the First National City Bank, the first Thom McAn shoe store and various ethnic Italian and Jewish specialty food stores – "a wonderful mix," as Manzione said. The Polly-O cheese company even got its start there.
"You'd come here for the various delicacies. You name it, it was here," he said. "This whole entire area was very populated... had a lot of merchants, stores, a lot of mom-and-pop operations."
He describes what was once a lively, bustling center of commerce. "The area was sort of what you'd see on Court Street today," he explained. "There was no Court street as you'd know it today."
"In this area, there was a clock... one of those large, nice decorative clocks. You'd see it from a block or two away. It was a mainstay in the area," Manzione said. "As a matter of fact," he continues, referring to the Columbia Terrace Condominiums, "when they decided to build the condos in the area, they used the clock as their 'theme,' so to speak."
As time went on and economic conditions changed, and construction efforts limited pedestrian and vehicular traffic, ultimately sealing the fate of many local businesses, "the area really took a turn for the worst," said Manzione. "Many of the merchants moved to Court Street, or other sections of Brooklyn or closed up entirely."
The neighborhood experienced a rise in crime and continued to deteriorate throughout the 70s, Manzione said.
"And with that, the clock was dismantled, and God knows where it went," he added.
The goal of bringing back the clock, which would be newly built from scratch and not a restoration, would be to symbolize how the neighborhood has come "full circle."
"Growing up, I remember the clock vaguely," says lifelong resident Camille Sacco Milea. "It was there for a long time, on Columbia between Union and President. The Brooklyn Waterfront was alive and well, pushcarts were in the street... there was so much vitality."
Then, she said, the Gowanus canal sewer pump project was initiated, and "the building foundations were damaged... they tore them down and declared eminent domain."
Younger generations also see the clock playing a symbolic role. Victoria Hagman, owner of Realty Collective, which bought Manzione Real Estate several years ago, says she hopes it will help restore or maybe even re-create the neighborhood's identity.
"As a preservationist, I think the clock never should have left the neighborhood in the first place, because it is representative of  the identity of the neighborhood, and as someone that lives here, I think it's important to create our own sense of our  community, since the other neighborhoods have orphaned us," she says, referring to the BQE's dividing of the area from Red Hook and the rest of Carroll Gardens, and various terms that have been given to the area, including "Carroll Gardens West," a little-known and scarcely used real estate term.
"The clock is a signifier of an existing community that lives here because we want to, and we love the Columbia Waterfront District," she said.
Manzione has always seen the neighborhood's potential. In the 1980's, he moved his office from its location on Smith Street to it's current location at 223 Columbia, and explains that he had high hopes – and expectations – for the neighborhood.
"I always had a feeling that this area would be good real estate, and I proved myself correct," he said optimistically.
The project is in its infant stages, but The Carroll Gardens Association, a non-profit organization, is interested in participating in efforts to restore the landmark, as are merchants on Union Street and various other local business owners.
"They're pretty much all involved in it," said Manzione, adding that there will be fundraising efforts to cover the costs of the clock as well as permits.
Manzione envisions the new clock still right on Columbia Street, but this time it would be erected outside Manzione Real Estate, which he says is not entirely as a self-seeking gesture. His photograph of the clock, a black and white scan that is seemingly the last surviving visual record left of it, also shows a row of storefronts behind it, which have since been replaced by condominiums.
"I think it would be great right here. It would be visible to people coming up and down Columbia street," he said. "But if someone comes up with another idea that would be fine with me also," he added.
"I think it's great," says Milea. "If you speak to any of the store owners around here they'll say the same."
For Manzione, erecting a new clock would be both a look forward and a nod to history.
"I want to show that the neighborhood has come back," he said. "We've come a long way."
Do you remember the clock on Columbia Street? Tell us in the comments.

Rachel's Tattoo and Beauty Salon

Rachel's Tattoo and Beauty Salon on 5th ave and 10th st is south slope's newest business. This posh shop seems to be a new direction for this section of 5th ave, situated among family restaurants and discount stores. Rachel's offers high end haircuts up front and tattooing in the back. If you ever wished that you could get a haircut and simultaneously get a tattoo this would be the place to try it, although we doubt you could literally have them done at the same time. The concept seems great though, and the decor works well for both. The beautiful handmade sign outside is a change of scenery and sure to attract customers. I couldnt find a website so go check it out in person at 467 5th ave!

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

You're hearing it here first...probably. The space at 117 Columbia Street, on the corner of Kane, is set to be a pizza place. This corner spot has been vacant for years now. The last business to occupy it was a restaurant called Bluestone. Mary Gaglio, who's been working in the neighborhood for 25 years, or as she likes to call it "her life sentence", remembers the restaurant being a really cute space with an outdoor area. Not sure if that outdoor area will be open to the public or what type of pizza they'll be serving. We'll give updates as we hear them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go see this film!

Realty Collective's own, Chelsea Rodriguez, is featured in an indie film called Gabi on the Roof in July now screening in Dumbo. Here's a clip! Gabi on the Roof in July - Clip #2. Also, go to to see the trailer and here's a link to a review of the film

Go see it at Rerun Theater, 147 Front Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Remember it's one week only! Limited engagement! No second chances! Showtimes listed below. Buy tickets in advance at

Friday, January 21, 2011

282 Atlantic

If anyone has any info on the restaurant that's coming to 282 Atlantic Avenue, between Smith Street and Boerum Place, please share it. They applied for their liquor license back in October so hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to find out. Aside from that all we could dig up, thanks to and the New York Department of State website, was that the company name, Lions 95 Inc, used to be Tinkerbell's Jamaican Cuisine and was registered in the Bronx. So, will the new space be a Jamaican restaurant perhaps? That would be a unique and welcome addition to the neighborhood. I guess we'll just wait and see...and crave jerk chicken.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dentist Office on the Move

For the longest time there has been a sign in the window at 158 Court street that says "Coming Soon: Dental Office Steve Wong, DDS". The windows are boarded up and there doesn't seem to be much happening inside so it seems the space may be vacant a while longer.

Need a dentist? Thankfully Dr. Wong isn't far away. His current office is at 316 A Henry Street and Atlantic Avenue. A couple of comments on Brooklyn Heights Blog suggest that he's pretty good. One patient says he's "thorough" and " very attentive to...unique complaints about tooth sensitivity and pain". You can check out this blog archive link listed below to see what people had to say about other dentists in the area. Also, please share your own recommendations in the comment section.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What you can do for the Greenway.

The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative made some progress in 2010. They opened new routes on Flushing Avenue, Williamsburg Street West, and through the Brooklyn Bridge Park. They're hoping to continue their effort in 2011 with the support of volunteers and contributors. What can you do, aside from donating money, to help out? Well, their are a couple of events in the neighborhood that you could attend. See the details from their website below.

Columbia Street Open Space Visioning Meeting at The Union Street Star Theater, 101 Union Street. Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011, 6:30-8:30 PM

We will share the background research that has been compiled to date and invite you to share your ideas for the kinds of improvements and facilities that would be most beneficial to the Columbia Waterfront community.

Columbia Greenway Clean-Up Feb. 12, 10:00AM

Join us for our monthly clean-up along the Columbia Street segment of the greenway. Tools and gloves provided, all ages welcome. Meet at 10:00AM at Brooklyn Greenway Initiative’s office, 145 Columbia Street between Kane and Degraw. Questions? Contact Brian at

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Antiques?

There are some new antiques in the neighborhood! Yes, we know that sounds contradictory but you know where we're going with this right? Waterfront Antiques Consignment is a new shop at 147 Columbia street. Although owner, Annick, only opened the store a couple of months ago, she's been in the antique business for fifteen years and had shops in both Paris and Cannes. Annick, seen below in front of her impressive ethnic art collection, gave us a little tour of the shop and the only thing that stood out more than her knowledge of collectibles was her warmth and love for what she does.
She gave us a write up explaining what she's looking to buy, which goes into different artists and designers she's interested in. The list was too long to mention but we can tell you she's especially interested in antiques from the Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Liberty, Secessionist and Art Deco Periods and if you'd like to learn more give her a call at 917-805-2968 or email her at

Corrections to our Naidre's blog

We had some misinformation about the happenings at 502 Henry Street, formerly Naidre's. In a previous post we had claimed Naidre's, located on the corner of Sackett and Henry, was "undergoing drastic changes" when in fact it is just closed. I guess we misheard over the buzz saws and hammers (see below). Sorry about that. So the space actually has changed ownership, although a lot of the staff will remain the same. The info that we had right was that it will be called Maybelle's, they'll be serving sandwiches, and using Intelligensia coffee, (named Best Coffee Bean of 2010 by The Village Voice). We can't tell what the inside is going to look like yet but they're hoping to open up on Wednesday so we'll find out soon and give everyone an update on this new cafe. And for those of you who need your Naidre's fix there is still a Park Slope location open and thriving at 382 7th Avenue.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, New Name

2011 brought some changes with it as new years tend to, which included a name change for Park Slope brunch spot and market, Get Fresh. The neighborhood fav is now called Juventino, after the owner and chef, Juventino Avila. Luckily the name was the only thing that changed; the Slow Food member restaurant still offers the same delicious, seasonal, nouveau american cum mexican cuisine.

The amazing brunch is family friendly and also great if you just want to sit and read the paper, as the staff will not rush you out. The food can be as simple as eggs and toast, or as interesting as prawns and polenta with poached eggs. They also have a great variety of lunchy items, like berkshire pork belly with sweet potato gratin, home made mac n cheese, and a delicious winter veggie salad. The french press coffee (your choice of stumptown or intelligensia) is to die for, or treat yourself to a mimosa or bellini, or some fresh juice.

Come back for dinner and get a fine dining experience (we suspect this may be what Avila was trying to convey with the name change) without the exorbitant prices. One great change that did come along with the new name was the addition of wine and beer to the menu, and quite a list it is. start off with a bottle of wine and some beautiful oysters (another new addition), then move on to the delicious velvety broccoli soup. For the main course choose from a pleasantly short list of delectable entrees. Each sounds so amazing you will want to order them all, but the highlights, for us, are the roasted Giannone Chicken (an especially delicious variety from Montreal) and the Vegetarian Board (which sounds simple and is anything but). Wrap it up with the brioche bread pudding and you will not be disappointed. The whole way through, the servers treat you like royalty and you walk out feeling completely satisfied in every way.

So go there and eat, but do it quick because the menu is as sure to change as the seasons! Just don't forget: no more Get Fresh. Now.... Juventino!
370 5th ave Brooklyn.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Burger in Town

Often we've walked by Peking 2, the closed Chinese restaurant at 187 Smith Street, and wondered when another business will take over that spot. They had a fire back in September 2009 and it's been vacant ever since. Well, finally there is a sign that something's happening... literally. The sign says that Moo...Burger Barn is taking over this space and will be cooking up some organic beef burgers. After looking into it we found that there is a Moo Moos Burger Barn established in California. We don't think that they're related since the California restaurant claims only to have gourmet sandwiches not organic. The sign also says coming soon, so we shouldn't have to wait too much longer for this long empty restaurant to be bustling again.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Foodshed Market

This past Sunday was the reopening of Foodshed, a new indoor farmer's market in Boerum Hill. They have a huge selection of vendors selling a variety of sustainable local products. From eggs, fruits and veggies (of course), to more luxury items such as duck, lobster and chocolate. From reading their website, quoted below, it seems like they'd like to educate the public as well as offer fresh local fair.

"The market is a place not only to shop but also to learn about the challenges and opportunities in creating a sustainable food system. Our goal is to create information displays to accompany vendor booths that describe the journey the food has traveled, the way it was grown, and how it was prepared."

This weekend was also the start of something new at the market. They will be accepting EBT, or electronic benefit transfer, which used to be called food stamps. This gives the low income household the opportunity to eat healthfully and locally as well.

Foodshed Market is located at The Commons 388 Atlantic Avenue, between Hoyt and Bond. It's open every Sunday from 11AM-5PM.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More news on the Coffee Den

We blogged earlier about the closure of the Coffee Den, which is a coffee shop and cafe on the corner of Union and Hicks. Well we now have more information on the future of this space. The owner of the building at 144 Union, Elliot, who took over the business from the previous owners, had made some changes to the former Coffee Den, one of which was replacing the much loved Gorillaz coffee. Now he's making a big change and turning the space into a wine bar. Where you used to go to get your morning buzz you may now go to get your evening buzz. We'll have more updates as we hear them.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There's a new Mexican restaurant coming to the neighborhood. Diego, which used to be Union Smith Cafe on the corner of Union and Smith (duh.) There were rumors that it was being opened by Ivy Stark, of Dos Caminos in Manhattan (you know, that other little borough just west of Brooklyn). The rumors weren't completely wrong, Ivy is not the owner but apparently did have some part in creating the menu. The entrees are $11-$22 and they have a wide variety of items from ceviche to mole to enchiladas. Should be opening any day now and we can't wait to try it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Red Hook Co-ops!

"We will no longer be representing the Red Hook Co-ops located  at 71-79 Wolcott Street and 135 Coffey Street. We are pleased to continue working with FAC and our buyers, but will be focusing our attention on our commercial and investment property listings in Red Hook." - Realty Collective and Manzione Real Estate

For our other listings in Red Hook please visit:

2 Story Rare find in Red Hook for

2 Family plus store $699k! You can make it amazing!

5 car garage 599k

Store and an apartment 599k

Perfect investment building, positive cash flow!

Coffee Den Closed!

The Coffee Den, at 144 Union Street and Hicks is closed. The original owners, Jen and Eddie, sold the business months ago. The coffee shop had a sign outside that said they had changed management insinuating it was new and improved, although we didn't notice too much of a difference in appearance or product. Still unsure what's going to take it's place. That probably hasn't been established yet but it's a great corner location for any future business. We'll see!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Get your ink refilled!

Com Plus computer store, which took the place of Mr Video in Cobble Hill about a year ago, is offering a new service, ink and toner refills. It's a lot cheaper than buying ink cartridges anywhere so it's good to have a place like this in the neighborhood. Good timing too since Cartridge World, which was a place you could get refills also right around the corner on Atlantic, recently closed it's doors recently. Basically you bring in your empty cartridges and they refill they give you a full one. They usually have all brands. I know we'll certainly make use of this.

Com Plus is located at 166 Court Street between Congress and Amity.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beastly Bite Moved and Soon Replaced.

We already new that pet store, Beastly Bite, in Cobble Hill, had moved across the street to 155 Court Street (seen below). But what we didn't know, and still don't exactly, is what's moving into the old space at 140 Court. The spot has only been vacant for less than a month now but it's prime real estate right there on Court near Atlantic and would imagine it will go quickly. We spoke with the owner and he wasn't 100% sure what was to become of the space but one of the likely options he said was a Swedish children's clothing store. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ice Cream Season is Officially Over

Blue Marble closed their shop doors at 196 Court Street for the season on Monday. They won't be reopening until March 1st. This growing company now has two locations in Brooklyn, after loosing what would be it's third back in October in Boerum Hill at 420 Atlantic. One is in Cobble Hill and the other is in Prospect Heights.

They're still packaging the ice cream during the winter though, which is also an aspect of expansion within the company. So if you need your fix you can buy a pint or scoop at Brucie, Seersucker, Watty and Meg, Stinky Bklyn, or Union Market.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow daze.

With more snow coming this weekend (it's supposed to start Friday and snow overnight and all through Saturday) we have to ask ourselves "are we more prepared this time?". Get your shovels and sleds ready. After the last storm most stores around town, at least the ones that were open, ran out of shovels pretty quickly. Subways and buses weren't running, cars were abandoned in the street, a giant icicle threatened everyone walking down Court street between Warren and Baltic, and our own Mary Gaglio got her car stuck in the snow on her way to work. Anyone who wants to share their snow stories please do!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What's to become of Marius?

Marius Cafe, at 520 Henry between Union and Sackett, has been shut down for a while now. Word was it was supposed to be closed for the summer and was set to reopen last September. It doesn't seem like there have been any renovations going on behind the brown paper covering the windows and last we heard the owner of the building was trying to decide whether he was going to open a place up himself at this space or lease it out again. We'll definitely keep you updated if we hear anything new and if anyone has info to share we'd love to hear it.