Monday, July 11, 2011

New Laundromat

The new laundromat on the corner of Henry and Sackett is now open for business. It's a relatively small space but not crowded yet for the most part and less expensive than any of the other laundromats in the area. The two women that we've seen working there are extremely nice and welcoming. They have drop off service and dry cleaning at their sister business right around the corner on Sackett, Li's Dry Cleaners. All around this is a great new spot and even though there are a ton of laundromats and dry cleaners in the neighborhood, the fact that this one is more affordable definitely gives it the edge.


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  2. This is very interesting! Thank you for the comment wodoyle42. I agree that laundry mats are awesome and require a lot of maintenance. I, as well, used to work in one and had to look up Huebsch Parts for top quality and a cheaper rate. They have everything to offer and so much more. I fixed my washer and dryer using their parts and it was amazing! Enjoy!