Monday, October 24, 2011

Buschenschank Brooklyn

The corner of Sackett and Court has been boarded up for a while now. The space used to be an Area Yoga and there had been a sign saying that it would remain at that space. We assumed a renovation was going on but it did seem like it was taking quite a while. Waling by recently, though, we noticed a new sign. This sign was very hard to see since it was above the wood panels attached to the second floor of the building. The sign says Buschenschank Brooklyn. We did a little research and found out that the new tenant, James McGown (owner of South Brooklyn Pizza), will be opening a northern Italian tavern at this spot very soon. They will serve Italian and German wine and beer as well as a mixture of snacks, including cured meats and sausages. As you can tell from the name, although it is a traditional nothern Italian wine tavern it is heavily influenced by German culture. This doesn't stop with the live music they'll be featuring, which will focus mainly on German pop and rock bands. Can't wait to check it out. We'll get pics of the inside as soon as we can sneak a peek!

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