Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Chestnut.

We learned last week from reading Eater NY, one of our favorite foodie/restaurant blogs, that one of our fairly longtime local restaurants was closing. Chestnut, at 271 Smith street has been around just under a decade, and is no longer. Here's their goodbye to the neighborhood:

Dear Friends,

The owners and employees of Chestnut would like to express its gratitude to all of the wonderful patrons of the last nine years. This has been a great community to be a part of. As we move towards brighter futures we'll always be reminded that what we built was a true mom and pop and not a theme or franchise. It took an army of hungry food loving people to raise this house and an economic disaster to bring it down. We survived three hurricanes and one tornado. Six couples married here, we hosted countless baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, engagements all of which brought so much joy to the job. We'll miss this neighborhood that has been so good to us and for that would like to simply say...

Thank you.

Daniel Eardley
Michael Connolly
Susan Daily

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