Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgivng News.

Thanksgiving for hurricane victims has come early at a handful of venues around the city.  Barclays Center hosted an early feast as did The Old Homestead.  There is also going to be a pop-up market in Red Hook with farm fresh produce for Thanksgivng.  See more info on that from their facebook page below.  And we know that this is pretty far from the city but it's a very kind offer from the Frost Valley YMCA located in Claryville, NY. "Frost Valley YMCA has set aside several weekends for families directly affected by the storm to come to the Catskills and enjoy our facility, including hot showers, home cooked meals, and warm beds free of charge. We are also offering a Thanksgiving celebration for anyone unable to have their own this year due to Hurricane Sandy."

Where: the Corner of Sullivan and Richards Streets Across from PS 15!!!

If you are in Red Hook today come on down and join! Lot's of local produce from John Glebocki, and Fred Wilklow.

Yams! Collards! Kale! Brussels! 5 kinds of Potatoes!
5 Kinds of Apples, Cider so much more.

If you have SNAP (Formerly Foodstamps) and spend $5 we can provide you with $2.

00 more in coupons to expand your buying power.

If you have an appointment at Addabbo Clinic, today the doctors and nutritionists are providing coupons to increase your buying power

If you are a parent of a student at PS 15 ask for Parent Coordinator Juanita Laboy who can also provide you with market coupons to help you meet your food needs in this holiday season.


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