Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Favorite Neighborhood Bars for Winter.

Bars are a refuge for many of us during the winter months.  A warm place filled with other people to complain about the temperature with over a warming drink.  It's perfect!  We have so many wonderful bars in the area but here are a few of our favorites.

Brooklyn Buschenschank is a great spot.  In the summer the giant windows are open and you feel like you're at a beer garden.  When it's too cold out, though, the frosted windows shut out the winter and all you see is the beautiful tavern filled with candles.  Amazing beer selection too!

These next two bars are on the list, not only because we love them all year round, but because when you find yourself going out more often you may want to opt for a place with good drink specials.  Red Hook's Brooklyn Ice House and Cobble Hill's Boat fit that bill.

Char No. 4 is our last pick.  What warms you up better than whiskey? This place has more than 150 varieties of it as well as some very creative winter-themed cocktails, such as the "Noreaster" -Ginger beer, lime, maple syrup.

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