Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Supplies for Back to School.

School starts in less than a week and many parents will be running out to grab items on their giant list of supplies their children will need.  Here are a few spots to hit and one spot you may want to stop by if you'd like to give back and donate supplies.

Staples on 4th Avenue and 3rd Street is a great choice for one-stop shopping but a little far if you live in the Columbia Waterfront, Red Hook, or Cobble Hill communities.  But it's huge and should have everything you need.

The neighborhood pharmacies are an obvious choice but you may have to hit more than one to get everything you need.  Places are running out of things quickly.  Try Clinton Apothecary on Clinton and President.  They have great prices!

Winn Discount may not come to mind when thinking school supplies but they'll probably have most of what's on your list also.

And once you've found a good spot to shop you may want to get extra and stop by the Carroll Gardens Library.  They are taking donations for school supplies.

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