Friday, January 16, 2009

Char No. 4 - doesn't really belong on Smith Street

Ultra swanky, Char No 4 , just opened on Smith Street but it feels like you stepped into a posh Manhattan whiskey bar instead of something off the F train.
Although it does not exemplify that homey Brooklyn feel that most other eateries try to emulate it does however create a sort of excitement that I have not found within the neighborhood. It felt alive and bustling and it was filled to the brim on a Friday night. We had appetizers and 2 rounds of drinks at the bar (fried pork nuggets,crispy cheese curds, and the homemade pastrami) because the wait was over an hour . Everything on the menu is either meat or fried so dieters be ware!
I wasn't really blown away by any of the appetizers but my entree was very good. I had the house made sage pork sausage and it just melted in my mouth and had perfect accoutrements. My portion size was more then enough for me and then some but my boyfriend ordered the $20 scallops and he only got 3 perfectly made scallops and some sweet potato puree. Needless to say he was still hungry.
Overall it was a very nice dining experience and the staff was very accommodating. I have heard their brunch is more then descent so I wouldn't mind finally finding a good brunch place in Cobble Hill. Why can no one in CH/ CG get brunch right? Wow that Miriam is closed I drive down to Kevin's in Red Hook but it would be nice to walk just down the block for some good brunch.
Also why don't they have a website? for such a high end place its frustrating that they cant seem to throw up a simple website. I had to rely on yelp and menupages to get the jist of the place.

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