Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dassara Hot Opening

Last week Dassara, the new Japanese noodle place on Smith Street, was featured in TimeOut Magazine's "Hot Opening" section.  And it is, indeed, a hot opening.  As we passed by the restaurant this past weekend the dining room was busy at a very early dinner hour and people kept stopping in to check out the menu.  The main photo in TimeOut was of their "Deli Ramen", which is a chicken broth base with matzoh balls and Mile End smoked meat.  Another noodle dish they have on the menu that is just as unique has clams and salted chilis.  Those and a mushroom ramen are actually the only three ramen dishes they have for now.  The menu is their soft opening menu  and has a handful of "not ramen" selections also, including fried chicken buns, broiled oysters with miso-glazed bacon, and a tomato salad also with miso-glazed bacon.  Sounds mmmmm.  We can't wait to try it.  If you have let us know how it was!

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