Monday, August 20, 2012

Zero Guys.

 Photo: Hugh Merwin
It looks as though the Five Guys Burgers and Fries that opened on Court Street not too long ago is no longer.  We've heard that the place is now closed, gutted, and has a sign on the door thanking people for their patronage and asking us to please visit their Montague location.  This is both surprising and not so surprising at the same time.  Given the excellent location right a cross from the Cobble Hill movie theater (perfect spot to grab a quick meal when you're running late for a flick), it's very family friendly and has a good reputation for being pretty delicious, it's strange that they only lasted a little over a year.  The place, however, never seemed that crowded and with all the competing burgers in the area, made with better quality ingredients, it's not too surprising.  Oh well.  Grubstreet also wrote about the closing (above pic) and seemed a little shocked too.  We've got enough burgers, now we can only hope for a really delicious Indian restaurant!

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