Friday, August 2, 2013

Pirate School at Waterfront!

This isn't actually a school for pirates, although hopefully for the kids in the audience of this one man show it will feel like it.  This Sunday, August 4th, at 1pm Waterfront Museum presents this vaudville show for kids of all ages. There's a little description below.  It sounds like a lot of fun. Click here for tickets.

During Pirate School! the bumbling professor Billy Bones teaches youngsters how to be good pirates with lessons on how to stand, talk, sing and laugh like Buccaneers; cannons boom, skulls talk, cutlasses drop and pets run amok. Ultimately Pirate School! aims to satisfy children’s universal curiosity about the briny Buccaneers of yore while subtly boosting their self-esteem and citizenship skills by prompting them to be more empathetic, responsible, courageous Corsairs.

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