Monday, May 10, 2010

BKLYN DESIGNS Recap: a few of our facorite things...

This past weekend the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce held the 8th edition of BKLYN DESIGNS, a show and celebration of Brooklyn talent, creativity, and commerce. In short, awesome things made by awesome Brooklyn based designers. These items were our favorites and we thought everyone should know about them and maybe give some business to Brooklyn's newest sector of manufacturers. 

UM Project's SMPL table and Milking Stools have the simple charm of childrens furniture but with more sleek sophisticated adult style. Table top is corion with powder coated aluminum legs and comes in black or white. The stools come in multiple colors. find them at

Wud Furniture uniquely mixes beautiful natural wood with more industrial looking materials. They have invented a new material, Epoxy encased Lead, that gives the look of a durable hard industrial surface while still having the look and feel of high design.

Furniture by Palo Samko has the look of Rustic County solid wood furniture, but with more decorative details and some interesting material combination, like including maps and compasses and legs that look like telescopes. Made for the explorer who prefers the city these beautiful pieces stand on their own.

Ram Metal makes some truly versatile furniture including an adjustable height table made with restored machine parts. You want to sit or stand? how about both, with just a turn of the wheel.

I thought wall paper was out. well atleast no one was making anything worth papering your walls with... until now. Grow House Grow make really unique and kind of strange but beautiful wallpapers for your home that kind of remind me in a way of oldfashioned paper patterns, but way cooler.

Now for the true brooklyn nastalgist.... own a piece of the coney island boardwalk in the form of this amazing reclining seat thats actually made out of wooden slats salvaged from the boardwalk. Best of all, it kind of looks like a roller coaster!!

Hope ou enjoy these as much as we did!!

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