Monday, May 10, 2010

Its Bike Season!

Its finally started to be nice out almost everyday and with the nice weather comes lots of biking... atleast for those of us who are too wimpy to keep biking through the winter.... anyway, if you're like me and just getting your bike ready go you probably need a tune up or some new inner tubes or just some bike advise. So i wanted to share my new favorite Park Slope bike shop. Brooklyn Bicycles , located at 375 9th st at the corner of 6th ave, was opened a little over a year ago by Tony Gallucci. It has since then outshone the other shops as the place to go for great service and knowledgable staff, who really care about providing great customer service. Whether you need a new bike, a tune up, or the tools to do a tuneup or repair yourself, they can help. They do great work and know what they're talking about. and now every wednesday night they have a group bike ride that leaves from the store at 7pm. how awesome is that! so stop by and get your gear and you'll be ready for a spin around the park, a ride to work, or that long distance all day ride.
check out their website...

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