Thursday, November 3, 2011

BK Swappers get your tickets!

BK Swappers will be swapping in the neighborhood yet again come November 20th. 61 local is the perfect venue for this event, which will take place between 4pm and 7pm. Not only does the "keep things local" message match up with that of the swappers, but the space itself is large with big long tables. Perfect for displaying your baked goods or other treats you brought along to swap. I'm sure the swappers are happy to be back there. As you may already know, or may not, the event is free but you have to get tickets and they go quickly. In fact, all the spots are already gone. So why am I blogging about this you ask? Well I noticed that the waiting list is still open and saw this footnote on eventbrite. "(A note about cancellations and the waiting list: If you don't land a spot and wind up on the waiting list, have no fear—people always cancel and most folks on the waiting list end up getting in)". So, there you go. You not only still have a chance of getting a spot, it's actually very probable. Get on it! Go to this link to sign up and swap your heart away (not literally of course).

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