Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Music Store

A piano music store just opened up at 177 Smith Street. For anyone in the neighborhood who owns a piano or has just glanced in a window and caught sight of a beautiful grand piano while strolling through Cobble Hill, you know that a store that sells and refurbishes pianos should do pretty well in this area. Big Wrench Piano Care will hopefully thrive. If you walk by and look in the window of this new music store you'll see pianos of all shapes and sizes. It's Registered Piano Technician, or RPT, is a Brian Whiton. He's got a pretty good resume from the looks of the website. He "commenced the study of the art and trade of piano tuning and repair in Minnesota at the Steinway and Sons retail giant Schmitt Music. Since moving to Brooklyn in 2001, he has worked with several of the finest piano rebuilders and tuners in New York City.

But mainly he has a passion for what he does. "Like all successful tuner-technicians, I have a deep love for the instrument," Brian quotes. "I realize I'm fortunate to make a living in an interesting and challenging field." So if you're in the market for buying, need a tune up or repair, this place is for you.

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  1. It would actually be a bit weird if a music store doesn't play any kind of in store music.