Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sadie's Kitchen Once More.

(photo taken from bococaland)
Okay, I know we've written a couple of blogs about this new restaurant already but we've finally gotten a chance to visit and taste and the verdict is a delicious one. We like to keep you updated so hear it is. Yes, the menu is mostly mac-n-cheese but the variety is incredible. From shitaki mac with brie and truffle bread crumbs to buttered lobster mac with fontina and herb bread crumbs to kielbasa and gorgonzola mac with brussel sprouts. Everything sounds unique and extremely mouth-watering. It doesn't disappoint either. They do have a handful of equally unique biscuit sandwiches if the former isn't up your alley. Fried catfish, jalapeno jack, slaw and pickled okra tartar is one. Another is made with bbq duck, spicy plum sauce, arugula and brinjal chutney. Anyways, we can list off the whole menu but you can just pick one up for yourself. We're making ourselves too hungry with all these descriptions anyways. They started delivery service at the beginning of the week so if need to change things up with your delivery repatoire this is a good option. Mac keeps well when traveling. Oh, we almost forgot the pies! Shoo fly, pumpkin spice, and more for $20 each. You may still be able to order one or two for tomorrow. Check them out.

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