Friday, December 2, 2011

Hmmm Thai

So wandering around the neighborhood we noticed this new sign (above) at 278 Smith Street and thought "really, another Thai restaurant?". I mean seriously, do we need another Thai restaurant in the hood? After doing a little research we realized that it's actually the location of Em' Thai and according to menupages have only changed their name to Vip @ Thai. Now, we do support our local businesses and want them very badly to succeed. Does the name change suggest they weren't doing so well? Not sure about the new name though. Although Em' Thai wasn't a great name, Vip @ Thai just seems a little confused. What's up with the special characters? Whatever the name, though, the place gets good reviews and we hear they have really good happy hour specials. Plus the new sign is very cute, much better than the old awning that was just burgundy with a bright yellow E and M'. Let us know if you've been to the new and improved spot!

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