Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rock' Cool

While we're on the subject of very unique classes for children (yesterday's blog was about interesting art classes, such as fantasy art and abstract, at Muriel Guepin Gallery) we thought we'd let you know about another school we heard of in the area. This school, or rather scool, is called Rock's Cool. We're assuming this is a play on words to say rock school. We don't have too much information because the website doesn't seem to be up yet but you can get more info by emailing or calling 718-596-4962. The classes are at 177 Smith Street, which is that new music store that specializes in piano repairs and restoration. They offer private classes as well as ensemble and teach all the instruments you'd need to form an awesome rock band, such as guitar, bass, drums, horns. They also have voice lessons. So, if this interests you, call email, or pop into the music store to find out about enrollment.

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