Monday, December 19, 2011

Pub Quiz

With all the eating we've been doing and will continue to do this season, exercise is a good idea. But what about exercising our brains? If you feel like you need to wake your mind up after all that monotonous shopping while listening to "Jingle Bell Rock" for the hundredth time, then head down to Last Exit Bar tonight for their trivia night. With 50 questions, this one is like boot camp for your brain. Plus they have some quirky categories. According to Brooklyn Exposed, you may get categories like " “Last Exit Theater” (hosts perform scenes from movies) “Canadian or Not Canadian?” (decide if celebs like Michael Cera hail from our friend to the north), & Bodega Price is Right (does toilet paper really cost that much?)". Sounds fun right? Well, if you want to go but can't go tonight then you have every 1st and 3rd Monday to make it over there. Last Exit is located at 136 Atlantic and trivia starts at 9pm. $5 bucks to play.

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