Monday, January 2, 2012

Brooklyn Strategist Coming Soon

Peek-A-Boo Kids, the children's shoe store that used to be located at 333 Court Street, has moved. They had a sign outside advertising a big clearance sale that went on most of last month. If you bought one pair of shoes you got another for free. This was all because they'd be leaving soon. Taking it's place? The Brooklyn Strategist, which hasn't quite moved in yet but has signs in the window introducing themselves. They are a gaming and social center and cafe. Not just for kids but they will have certain programs available for the younger set. We checked out their website and here's their mission statement of sorts below.

At The Brooklyn Strategist, we love games! Our unique atmosphere is a great place to enjoy strategy, community and competition through interactive board- and card-games. It is a place to play, learn, think creatively, socialize and strategize against an opponent or with team members. We are pleased to offer afternoon clubs to kids (7+ years old), tweens, teens and adults and look forward to providing our community with a space that promotes fun, interaction and learning.

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