Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ethikus MeetUp

We're all about supporting our local businesses and this goes beyond Brooklyn, although we are a little biased since Brooklyn is the best borough by a long shot. Heh heh. We were really interested when we heard about a meet up for a company called Ethikus, which is "an online community that connects conscientious consumers in NYC with ethical and sustainable businesses in the area." They're "launching a city-wide initiative in May called Shop Your Values Week - a celebration of the stores and restaurants all over NYC that support community, employees and the environment." They have 2 meet ups a week to talk about the event and hear input and the next one is tomorrow. Although, sadly not in Brooklyn, if you're interested in what sounds like a very cool event you should go and find out more about it and help organize it. It's January 26 at Cucina di Pesce (87 East 4th) at 6:30pm.

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