Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More on Pok Pok...

We've been reading articles regarding Pok Pok, our favorite neighborhood Thai restaurant, lately.  First check out the pic above that we saw on Eater New York.  This was taken on a Saturday night recently and shows a line to get a table stretching down the block before the sun had even set.  This brings us to another article in the NY Times which recently reviewed Pok Pok and gave it two stars (in case you're unfamiliar with the Times restaurant reviews that is good).  These two stars have made the already packed restaurant even harder to get into.  We had called that Saturday night, coincidentally, and the wait was close to 3 hours long.  The third bit of info we heard recently had to do with the fact that they now have outdoor seating, which is cool but apparently doesn't get you a table any faster.  Will we ever be able to enjoy the delicious Thai food again without having to camp out for hours???

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