Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Come hear us speak on July 10th at this "Story Slam".  Haha.  Love that term.  Brooklyn Based presents "Lessons Learned the Hard Way".  It's at DeKalb Market, which is a really cool spot if you haven't been there.  Here's some more info from the Brooklyn Based website:

Among the guests are butcher Tom Mylan of The Meat Hook, the soon-to-be proprietor of Royal Palms Shuffleboard Jonathan Schnapp, Rose Red and Lavender owner Kimberly Sevilla, Realty Collective founder Victoria Hagman, L Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine president and owner Daniel Stedman, theSweeeten.com founder Jean Laurer, serial entrepreneur and product development whiz Jason Fried (Myopenbar, Thunderclap.it), Robicelli’s cupcake queen Allison Robicelli, and many more. Together they’ll be sharing five-minute tales of “lessons learned the hard way”–terrible first jobs that taught them all they know, misguided choices, and other funny, inspiring stories about their work.

Everyone is welcome, and other indie business owners are encouraged to sign up for a storytelling slot on the spot (if you want to practice before you share your tale, each story slot has a five-minute max). Just RSVP here–when you do you’ll also be entitled to a 10% discount at select shops at DeKalb Market and two dollars off beer from 6-7pm.

It's not mentioned above but Tina Fallon will also be speaking!  Come hang!

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