Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On-Street Bike Rack Proposal

The DOT, with the help of the Cobble Hill Association, has proposed to install an on-street bike rack at the corner of Court and Pacific, a "no standing" zone.  This is in order to prevent cars from ignoring the sign and parking in that spot.  In an area where parking is extremely hard to find a lot of drivers seem to be risking tickets and parking in these zones anyways.  Maybe it's the lure of Trader Joes, which is only a block away.  Parking in these spots is not only illegal, though, it's dangerous because it blocks the view of people make left hand turns onto Court.  That plus the lack of bike racks in the area, it seems like a win win.  We'd like to see more of these on-street bike racks in the neighborhood, especially if they are as cute as the one pictured above which resides in Seattle.

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