Thursday, December 27, 2012

Take Root is Fully Open.

The storefront, Take Root, on Sackett Street has been halfway open for a while.  They were supposed to open the dining half, we thought, months ago but only the yoga studio was up and running.  Well, earlier last week they had the balloons out and the "noshery" was open.  For those who haven't heard of this new place here's the concept.  It's a shared space, part yoga studio, part snack shop, part tasting dinner parlor I guess you'd call it.  The snack menu is below and the tasting menu for the 10 person max seated dinners are probably ever changing.  the price for now is $85 per person.  We're very interested to see how this place does.  We hope well, of course.  It is an interesting idea and if it goes well we may see more businesses sharing space in the future.  Is your New Years Resolution going to be "Try new things?"

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