Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter Festival in Red Hook?

There was a great blog about Red Hook's small business community on Grubstreet a few days ago and while reading through the stories, mostly of community members coming together to help one another out, but also of the difficulties owners have faced and some are still facing in reopening their businesses, we couldn't help but feel heartbroken all over again.  We've written a couple of blogs about how now more than ever people should be flocking to Red Hook instead of staying distant.  In this Grubstreet blog we read something about a possible winter festival in the works for Red Hook and thought "What a great idea!".  We haven't been able to find any more info than this small mention so we assume it's in the early stage of development but we'll definitely keep you updated as we get news.  Until then please tell everyone you know, "Come out to Red Hook, go shopping, have lunch/dinner. get some drinks!!!"

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