Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Participatory Budgeting Winners!

And the winners are...(see below).  A few of these surprised us.  We were actually very surprised to see that the Hamilton/Van Brunt Plaza wasn't on there.  Not that any of these are less worthy, they are all wonderful improvements, but we saw and spoke with so many people rallying for the plaza.  Well, maybe next year.

The 2013 winning Participatory Budgeting projects are:
  1. PS 230: Help Kids Connect & Learn With Technology - $180,000
    Install 34 Smartboards w/supporting MacBooks in high-needs, diverse (25+ home languages) school serving 1,300 students.
  2. Renovate 8 Bathrooms, PS 58, The Carroll School - $110,000
    Provide healthier environment for generations to come by replacing fixtures & flushing mechanisms. Last renovation was in 1954.
  3. Carroll Gardens/Windsor Terrace Library Computers - $75,000
    29 new adult & preschool computers at these branches to support community needs for internet access & computer literacy.
  4. Church Avenue Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Improvements - $300,000
    Extend sidewalks and reduce crossing distances on Church Avenue at Coney Island Avenue and McDonald Avenue intersections.
  5. PS 179: Technology upgrade for underserved school - $115,000
    27 SmartBoards for high-needs school to aid learning for English language learners, special education and gifted students.
  6. 3rd Street Green Corridor: New Trees, Less Runoff - $170,000
    10 trees with enhanced pits will improve storm drainage, and add shade and beauty in Gowanus from Bond Street. to 3rd Avenue.
Vote totals for all projects can be viewed here.

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