Friday, September 24, 2010

215 Cucina update

We promised you an update on the restaurant, now known to be called Caselnova, that took over 215 Cucina Napoletana on Columbia St and we've got it. First rumored to be a pizzeria, then a wine bar, we finally found out from the new owner himself. When we spoke with the chef/owner, Dean, who trained in Italy, he let us know a little more about what we can expect from Caselnova. It's all about traditional fare, casual and authentic with moderate prices. Sounds good to us!

Progress is looking good, as one can tell from the photos. They seemed very busy with construction and are probably moving on to decor now. The outside (above) has been revamped as well as the inside (shown below). The new sign is up and the inside is looking very close to being done. Dean gave us a projected opening in October but that wasn't entirely concrete. He said he hopes it will be ready by then, and so do we!

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