Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strong Place Brunch

It's natural to be both wary of and excited by trying new restaurants. After hearing rave reviews from people around the neighborhood, we were all excitement and no worries to try brunch at the recent Strong Place, which is located on Court street between Butler and Douglass. It's been around for almost two months now but it's not too surprising that some have just discovered it. There is no sign and the decor is very discreet. Many have probably walked by not even noticing it, unless it was on a Friday or Saturday night when their are always a few pockets of people outside checking it out or waiting for a table.

The menu is unique and diverse with many options for seafood, meat and veggie lovers alike. They also have an extensive beer list, with 24 beers on draft. They seem to use super fresh ingredients. The heirloom tomato salad, grilled onion, and bleu cheese salad was a definite winner. The bacon pancakes were also delicious. Pancakes with a slab of bacon grilled right in? What a great idea! This place is great addition to the neighborhood and we wish it well!

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