Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lenell's is in Mexico! Can't wait to visit!

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Daily afternoon tea service with loose leaf teas.  Coffee prepared from a restored antique espresso machine.
 We recycled the store logo.  We've even kept the old store number so you can reach us without international rates.
Find food and drink recipes on our website.  We are loading up educational articles as fast as we can.  We've even got all the old LeNell's store postcards designed by Powell Burns on line just for nostalgia's sake...and some giggles.  
If you still have a gift certificate from LeNell's that you never cashed in, you can still use it towards your visit at Casa Coctel.  Even if you lost or threw away the certificate, we still have record of it.
We have a few bottles of Red Hook Rye at Casa Coctel.  Someone with bottle #2 of each bottling is offering his complete set of 4 and donating the money to Casa Coctel to inspire the next whiskey project. Do you want to be the lucky one with the only in tact set remaining of this collectible rare 23 and 24 year old rye?
A HUGE stash of Amaro Cora liqueur?  Seriously.  It's ridiculous.
We know there are two new wine shops in Red Hook.  Some have asked why LeNell's didn't rent those spaces.  Neither was viable for our long term goal of ownership.  We do wish the new shops all our best. 
No more landlord hassles.

No more real estate woes.

Fun in the sun! 

LeNell & Demian behind the bar
LeNell's in Mexico!  
I never dreamed my real estate search for a new location for our liquor store would land me in Mexico.  Instead of opening my store/bar concept that I had hoped would further LeNell's Ltd's presence in NYC, my fiance Demián and I purchased a tiny little property in La Paz down in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  I miss serving you as customers of LeNell's and apologize for the delay in communication while we have been busy with this major move.  We are happy to announce that we can now serve you in a completely different way.   Our business here is Casa Cóctel.

We are not a bed and breakfast.  We are a bar with options for overnight stays.    We've combined the best of our dreams to create what we call a "libation haven."  With over a 1000 bottles of wine and spirits and over a 1000 drinking vessels, we are ready to elevate your Baja visit with amazing drinks and home-cooked meals.

True to our ornery nature, we refuse to publish room rates.  We plan to offer each guest a custom package depending on the adventures in food, drink, and local life you'd like to enjoy.  La Paz is full of all kinds of adventure from fishing for the big catch to riding a tandem bike with your lover during sunset. 
The store was small and tried to appreciate folks no matter if the budget was a $6 wine or a $350 whiskey.  Casa Cóctel is tiny and plans to appreciate all budgets, too.  We offer memorable drink experiences for those pinching their pesos to those whose wallets billow with bills.
We can help you plan a most romantic getaway that will razzle dazzle lovers.  And on the less naughty side, we can assist families to have fun, too, even allowing parents time to play while we entertain the kids.  You can also bring along your pet pooch, puss, or parakeets.
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Our web site is still a work in progress, and this is a new email system.  Please let me know if you had any problems or find errors.

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