Thursday, September 16, 2010

Barney's Co-op on Atlantic

Pretty soon now the Barney's Co-op will be opening right near Trader Joes at 194 Atlantic...maybe. At first we heard September but now it seems it will be pushed back to October, at least that's what the signs on the door say as well as the expected date posted on their website (,default,sc.html), but rumors still suggest they may open early. It's a pretty big space and newly built as part of the Cobble Hill Mews.

So, what is Barney's Co-op? Is it an outlet type store? After browsing their website and other blogs written about the store, it doesn't seem to be. Shoes listed on the website under the "Sale" area were still upwards of $500. It seems as though it may be just a spin-off of the regular Barney's. A younger, hipper, more "Brooklyn" Barneys. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Another sign listed that piqued our interest was about jobs. It says "For a FAB, life changing job, email". So, for those interested in the fashion industry this may be a great opportunity and you'd probably get a discount on those $500 shoes!

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