Monday, March 19, 2012

Columbia Connector Meeting Tonight

Do you want to be involved in your community? Yes? Then come out tonight for an important meeting concerning the Columbia Street Connector project. Join your neighbors at 6:30 tonight at The Red Hook Initiative, 767 Hicks Street. Here's some more information we got from an email about what to expect at the meeting.

Monday evening’s presentation will include a design vision for the Columbia Street Connector, the stretch of Columbia Street between Lorraine Street and the Erie Basin Pier, including the Greenstreet at Halleck, in Red Hook. Options will be presented for greening the corridor, calming traffic, connecting residents to the waterfront, and connecting the Red Hook neighborhood to the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway route.This stretch of Columbia Street has low traffic and wide sidewalks. The land uses in the northern three blocks are mostly industrial and commercial and the pedestrian experience there and on the Esplanade could be improved significantly with vegetation and other treatments.

Because this is an important junction with the greenway, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative and Regional Plan Association seek the Red Hook community’s input on what improvements would be desirable to make this an attractive route and destination for Red Hook residents. In April 2011, Red Hook community members met to develop a plan to improve this part of the neighborhood. At the March 19, 2012 report-back meeting we will update you on the progress of the plan and how we can work with you to get it implemented.

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