Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The great doughnut debate.

(photo above taken from villagevoice.com)
Dough Doughnuts, a relatively newish bakery located at 305 Franklin Avenue in Bed Stuy, is making it's rounds in our hood. Stinky Bklyn started carrying these decadent baked goods a little while back and this past weekend Farmacy was also selling Dough Doughnuts instead of their usual Peter Pans. Now, there is no question that these doughnuts are delicious. They are the new "it" doughnut one could say with a large selection of very unique flavors such as Cafe au Lait, Dulce de leche, and Hibiscus. Still some were disappointed when they walked into Farmacy on Saturday craving a Peter Pan doughnut and found the new Dough variety instead. Farmacy said it's something they are "trying out" so we'll see if the Peter Pan's come back. Here's the debate. Cake or yeast? What are your thoughts?

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