Friday, March 23, 2012

NYC Bike Share

NYC Bike Share is supposed to be coming this summer. This is actually the first we've heard of the program, which is already going on in Boston and DC. According to their website there is expected to be 600 or so bike stations throughout the city to pick up and drop off a rented bike. Membership is required. Think zipcar for bikes? They had a community meeting last week to figure out where the best locations throughout Cobble Hill and Park Slope would be. If this program is affordable enough it would be a really great addition to the neighborhood as a lot of people have storage issues when it comes to owning a bike. Unfortunately, though, there won't be any options for bikes with child seats. Does anyone have any more info on this project? Any meeting attendees that would like to share details?

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  1. Here is more info and an interactive map where everybody can suggest and endorse locations. Quite a few in CWF and Red Hook already:

    Transportation Alternatives has been promoting the idea for a long time: