Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Freaky Friday!

The video store at 244 Smith Street has made a lot of changes both inside and out.  This new addition is really awesome.  They now have deal days, that is a different deal for certain days of the week.  Such as "Movie-Mad Monday" where you can rent one movie and get another movie that has that week's "special theme".  Last Monday's theme was "the future" and a friend who wanted to get a movie for herself and one for her daughter had help from the owner, who is extremely friendly, helpful, and picked out a kids movie about robots.  Another example is "Trivia Tuesdays" where after renting a movie you get a chance to guess one of three trivia questions to win a free rental.  We'd like to suggest "Freaky Fridays" where you rent a movie but have to switch films with another customer!  Jokes. Seriously,  we're so happy this place exists.  The new owner is so psyched about movies and you can feel that energy when you walk through the door.  Go check them out!

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