Monday, October 15, 2012

The New Karloff

So, Karloff reopened it's doors a short while ago, less than 3 months.  Has anyone tried the new menu?  We'd like to hear a review in the comments section if you have.  We really enjoyed the old Karloff.  The ice cream was amazing and there were rumors that it was going.  Read this excerpt from the Carroll Gardens Patch.

"NOOOOOO!!! Don't get rid of the ice cream case. You have the best ice cream in the neighborhood," called out Eat It Brooklyn from the Carroll Gardens Patch comments section upon the announcement.
Another reader, Caroline Bailey, chimed in further down the scroll.
"Not the ice cream case," she said. "It's the only spot in the 'hood to get good ice cream without a ridiculous price tag."

Well, no worries the ice cream is still there, although the case is gone and the ridiculous price tag has been added.  A source tells us that the prices for the pints and scoops have gone way way up.  That's too bad.  To anyone who would like to try the revamped menu there is a groupon right now that you can purchase.  Again, let us know what you think!

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