Friday, October 19, 2012

New Signage at Old Athena.

213 Smith Street used to be the Athena restaurant.  The Greek restaurant was never really crowded and unfortunately very short-lived.  The new sign we saw, as you can see above, is for something called Hunter's Brooklyn.  We can't seem to find anything online about this place.  We can only speculate.  Is it a restaurant that serves interesting game?  Is it an arcade filled with Big Buck Hunter?  Only time will tell.  If anyone has the scoop, please share!

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  1. Hunter's Brooklyn is indeed going to be a new restaurant open to the Cobble Hill diners late this November. It will have a rustic feel with wooded tables and chairs mixed with old new york, represented by an entire wall of original structure exposed brick. The neighborhood can dine in and enjoy a drink at the marble top bar, or meet friends for a bottle of wine and appetizers at a large community table right up front looking out onto Smith Street.