Friday, April 30, 2010

Conover Cottages Q&A

We at Realty Collective have never sponsored a design competition before, so it's not surprising that we left out a few things in our initial rfp. Stephen Woolard of Albany, GA has agreed to allow us to reprint his thoughtful questions (as well as our answers). Feel free to submit your own questions in the comments below!

Q: I am contacting you regarding your Conover Cottage Design Competition for two of my Architectural Drafting students. Could you please give me some insight by answering the following questions?

Will two person teams be allowed? How is registration handled? How do we send in the projects? Will models be accepted? Thank you for your time.


Stephen Woolard, Instructor

Engineering Drawing & Design

Westover Comprehensive High School

2600 Partridge Dr

Albany, GA 31707

A: Dear Stephen,

Thanks so much for your interest - we look forward to your students' submission!

Two person teams will be allowed. The prize remains the same, regardless of how many people are involved in the design process.

In our rush to get the information out, we released the RFP without requiring registration. You can download it here:

I'd love to see a model, but we are not able to return it to you. Instead, I would recommend photographing the model and sending the images with your submission.

If your design is selected, a model would certainly help!

Please feel free to get in touch with any other questions you may have.



Q: After reading the how-to-enter page I’m still not sure how registration works. Do they need to send in paperwork? Or is their design submission their registration? Sorry about the confusion but we have only done one other design competition.

Thanks Again,

Stephen Woolard, Instructor

Engineering Drawing & Design

Westover Comprehensive High School

2600 Partridge Dr

Albany, GA 31707

A: There is no registration - the submission is the registration. We should have thought of this, but we didn’t.

Q: Thanks for the clarification. The website has been helpful with understanding the neighborhood but they need some insight. The site is 20x25. Does the structure consume the whole site? Is the back entry to a yard or ally? Down here in the deep south it is hard to imagine a house without a yard J. Or to understand typical housing in NYC.

Thanks again,

Stephen Woolard

A: The site is 20x50. The building footprint is 20x25. We need to work with the existing footprint. 

And it's far from typical!! Most of NYC is nothing like these houses. But it's true, most of our houses are attached to their neighbors, with access to the yard through the house. 

Q: Me Again! Today’s questions are:

Is the 21’ maximum bldg height apply to railings too or just structure? As it relates to the roof deck.

What are the existing ceiling hts? Placing 2.5 floors within 21’ is making ceilings under 8’.

To minimize bothering you with questions can you point me to the bldg codes for the area?

Stephen Woolard

A: You get 21' for the first two floors alone. The third floor can be higher but it has to be set back 10’ from the front face. Plan on 8’ ceiling heights on the third floor.

The zoning is r5 - here's a link:

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